Image | Estella’s Brilliant Bus

When we talk about mobile education we instantly associate it with new technologies that provide better schooling through mobile devices. But in the US, the concept goes further and the world “mobile” is used in its truest form.

A 79 year old pensioner in Florida has been promoting an initiative that has become the talk of the town. She decided to travel the state of Florida with a school bus to bring technology to the poorest neighborhoods in the area.

The architect of the project is Estella Mims. She decided to spend all her retirement savings on buying and converting a bus into a mobile education center (with wheels). The project, which is now funded by Microsoft, includes a program in which she travels to several cities in Florida to help people with few resources and offer various educational programs..

In an interview with the agency EFE, Estella stated that “What we do is enter the communities and neighborhoods and look at their needs. I wanted to reach out to marginalized people and provide a service for them. The wealthier classes can provide more for their children. So I wanted marginalized communities to have access to these resources as well.”

The initiative using Mims literally brings technology to a population that has difficulty accessing it. In the early stages of the project, Estella’s bus was limited to traveling within the state of Florida, but last year he decided to cross into other states. The route, given the name, “Road to Yes We Code” traversed 6 states to teach technological innovation, entrepreneurship, robotics and programming.

“Thanks to Microsoft, kids can connect to the world through technology and improve their lives,” Estella concludes. Aside from the company founded by Bill Gates, the project has the support of other companies, volunteers, organizations and anonymous people who help to keep alive their dream.

Interested persons may make donations through their website and keep informed of the latest developments on their Facebook page.