Despite that Spain is still struggling to find its place among the leading European countries in terms of health startups, we can see projects like Bwom and Lazzus that have already made their mark when it comes to promoting a good name for Spanish mHealth in the international arena. Now it’s Medtep’s turn.

Founded in Barcelona, ​​Medtep is a service platform designed to enable personalized medicine. This mHealth solution consists of two tools, uPatient and uClinics from which patients and doctors both can make available health data and clinical information.

So doctors can perform an accurate assessment of the patient’s progress they are monitored through a platform where they can learn about the state of their health, how to improve their quality of life and the enjoy personalized care.

The platform is free for both doctors and patients since the real customers are Medtep insurers and pharmaceutical companies who use uClinics and uPatient to conduct their clinical trials.

Medtep in 2014 managed to make $350,000 in sales (about 320,000 euros), a figure the company expects to double this year as they expand into US and Latin American markets.

However Medtep hasn’t given up trying new business models independent of the big companies that can bring them more mobile health platform users. The startup is already experimenting with a paid subscription through which patients can use the software.

Medtep was founded in 2011 by Jacob and Paul Pantaleoni Suñol who, after years of evolution and work, are about to take the most important steps of the project. After receiving two million dollars of financing the Spanish startup is making preparations to cross the Atlantic. Medtep is set to move its headquarters to San Francisco and open an office in Mexico, working from there to conquer the American market. However the original marketing, development and product teams will remain in Barcelona the Catalan capital.

Undoubtedly, the future of Spanish mHealth startup is looking towards a promising horizon with companies like Medtep: the company is forecast to pull in ten million dollars over the next three years. To acheive this the founders are already planning another investment round which will focus on obtaining financing from US investors.