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Nowadays few people turn to traditional travel agents for planning their holidays. Internet platforms with search engines for booking flights and accommodation are a quick and easy tool for finding the best prices in just a few steps. To make the process even easier, many of them also offer applications to manage the whole process.

To learn more about user behavior, the specialized portal has published data from its latest report on the behavior of European travelers.

The company’s team has analyzed the activity of customers who use their mobile phone to buy plane tickets and choose hotels. According to the data, the Turks have the speed record taking less than three minutes to find a flight and book through the app. Outdoing the Spaniards (about four minutes) and the British who need five minutes (they are the slowest among the countries analyzed).

The results also show that despite this speed and ease, 51% of Spanish users have not downloaded the tool but purchase directly via the web on their device. Interestingly, regardless of the method, searches are mainly concentrated during the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, while French and Germans prefer Sunday afternoon.


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The Germans make prepare the most for their trips and book reservations four months or more in advance while the Spanish are less organized and make their decisions on flights and accommodation in three months or less. Perhaps this process takes them much less than expected as weekend getaways constitute about half of all purchases and for the 15% of Spaniards will book no longer than eight days in advance.

In regards the most common destinations, the most popular in Europe are London and Paris which are the favorites of Spaniards after Barcelona and Madrid. New York (the most searched for by web users) is the only representative from another continent among the top 10 list. The US city along with Bangkok are also among the favorite destinations for the British, French, Italian and Polish.


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In addition to the destination itself cost also is a deciding factor. While Spaniards who preferred the web spent an average of 236 euros on reserving flights to their favorite destinations, those that used the application spent amounts between 213 and 219 euros (down 8%). So when it comes to travel, most people are cost conscious and prefer cheaper flights.

But this is not the case when it comes to choosing accommodation, for which people have less qualms about being more lavish. Four-star hotels are the most chosen by web users and three star hotels represent the majority choice for those using the app.

This shows that regardless of nationality using a phone to book a holiday has become a common practice in Europe. Packing bags is another case and for now we must continue to do so by the traditional method.