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In the business sector and, more specifically, that based on technology, innovation has become one of the most critical factors when it comes to achieving success. Creating new products and solutions that also provide users with something different has become synonymous with progress and quality. Entrepreneurs, startups and major corporations are constantly on the lookout for new ideas that will meet consumers’ requirements, seeking to find that indispensable solution or product that secures the company’s presence on the market.

However, often the answer does not depend on just one agent. Sometimes it is necessary to connect with other parties involved in the sector to discover that disruptive idea that will change society.

OMD, one of the world’s leading marketing and communication agencies, is launching the Dots by OMD platform, an accelerator of ideas designed to put top technological startups from all over the world in contact with major brands across the different industries. Connecting key points in different markets and industries, Dots by OMD seeks to put innovation into practice, offering technological startups access to the market as partners working with some of the world’s premier brands.

Startups that develop technologies and services like the geolocation, real-time communications, service personalisation, Big Data, and virtual reality, among others, are invited to register at Dots by OMD.

How does it work?


Image | Dots by OMD

Big corporations usually have certain needs in terms of the relationship between their products and services, consumers, and the market. This is where the Dots by OMD platform enters into play: periodically, a challenge will be launched related to a major brand, encouraging all startups whose technology could provide a solution to participate. The brand will choose the solution or product that best meets its need, and the chosen startup will then cooperate directly with the company.   

These brands’ main needs tend to revolve around the following issues:

  • Notoriety: technologies that bolster interaction amongst consumers and make a brand better-known.
  • Activation: technologies that increase purchase conversion: mobile applications that can be used at the point of sale, solutions based on iBeacons, RFID and NFC; and others designed to connect the real and digital worlds.
  • Retention: technologies that increase customer loyalty, such as those that use retargeting mobile applications, prizes, promotions and distinctive product experiences that contribute value.
  • Recommendation: all those solutions that foment communication between consumers by means of brand ambassadors and prescribers.
  • Revenue: monetization technologies. This would include solutions related to innovative sales platforms, mobile payment solutions, social purchases and personalised shopping experiences.

Each one of these challenges, however, will feature specific sets of guidelines, depending on the brands behind them.

An opportunity for startups

At Mobile World Capital Barcelona we will regularly present initiatives to increase the visibility of startups and foster their presence on the market. Dots by OMD represents a new opportunity for those who have developed truly disruptive solutions to access the market in collaboration with major brands covering broad scopes.

But there is no need to wait for a challenge to be launched: by registering on the platform startups can immediately begin to change their futures. Sign up and prepare to be discovered.