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The organisation of major international events is complex. They regularly last several days, are set up across extensive areas, and welcome thousands of attendees from around the world. The GSMA Mobile World Congress is no exception. As the premier congress in the mobile technology sector, recognised for its size and influence, preparations for the following year’s edition begin as soon as the event ends.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress, in addition, is unique every year. Since it has been held in Barcelona, for example, year after year records have been set not only in terms of attendance, but in surface area, companies represented, diversification of spaces and number of speakers.

How are the speakers important?

The programme for the world’s largest mobile telephone technology congress is designed every year around the new trends that have emerged on the market. The speakers are usually high-level figures who participate in the event to share their personal experiences over the course of their careers. Discussions, workshops and networking sessions round out a programme that, if taken advantage of well, can mark a turning point for most of the participating professionals and companies.

At the 2015 edition Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tom Wheeler (FCC) and Sundar Pichai (Google) headed up a list of more than 300 speakers, who offered a very complete overview of the mobile industry’s present and future.

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Every year GSMA invites all those interested in participating in the congress as speakers to present their proposals. In 2016 the event will feature 42 sessions, whose contents are decided based on the suggestions made by those who wish to participate. This invitation, known as the call for papers, usually lasts weeks and serves to formulate the agenda for the next congress.

How to participate

The call for papers for the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016 will be open until 18 September 2015 at 23:59 GTM. Presenting a proposal and being chosen to speak at the world’s premier mobile telephone technology congress is not only an enormously satisfactory personal experience, but also represents an exceptional opportunity to bolster the career of the professional and the company he/she represents.