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How many times have we left the offers or coupons at home? Does it seem that your friends know where to find better discounts? Or have you wanted to buy a certain product but don’t know which supermarket is the cheapest?

When making purchases, the intelligent consumer doesn’t only look for what they need, they also look at the shop’s offers and promotions. However, many people are used to always buying in the same supermarket either because they have confidence in the supermarket, or because it is close to their home. Therefore, special offers for all types of products may be missed by consumers if they never consider going elsewhere to do their shopping in a shop that may have a good promotion on certain products.

Traditionally, information on offers is distributed through printed catalogues. Currently, most commercial establishments have their own website on which they advertise their latest news on offers and products. Just like a flight comparison or flight company’s app, which are now practically integrated into the life of all travellers, this app is a very useful way for comparing all offers and supermarkets in every region. Tiendeo is an app that offers you current shopping deals at your fingertips by comparing supermarkets and finding offers.

Tiendeo is a free app that includes discounts and offers from the major retailers. It was launched in 2011 and currently has more than 17 million users each month. This start-up has spread rapidly to 31 different countries, especially Latin America for example, where thanks to a regional version of the app, Tiendeo groups offers from more than 300,000 shops according to its developers.

How can we get the most out of the app? Firstly, you must select the country in which you want to use Tiendeo as the application has the major retailers of each zone recorded. Then, according to the option chosen, the app shows a large list of catalogues for the various shops, discount vouchers and coupons that are available for the selected region.

The app’s advantages are its functional design, the variety of selectable categories and the maps of the physical establishments with geolocation. The user only needs to do a search, or with a specific product or through the various categories to find what they are looking for. The categories are well defined and include travel, weddings, restaurants, IT, toys and books; any product you can find in a supermarket or shopping centre can be found on the app. With this type of search, it is easier to locate the products you want and can enjoy the discounts offered by each establishment.

Tiendeo also offers the possibility of writing shopping lists. You can create a list of products so that you don’t forget anything at the time of making purchases, or simply store the promotions that interest you the most to recheck their availability in the future. With the geolocation map, it is easier to find where the establishment with the best offer is and therefore make the most of all these possibilities.

Questions such as “where is the most economical place to buy this product?” disappear thanks to this app being integrated into the daily lives of consumers. It is an easy and simple way of simplifying shopping and helping the bank balance.

Tiendeo took part in the 2015 edition of 4YFN and was selected by Wired as one of the 10 best start-ups in Barcelona.