In June 2015 the 4 Years From Now business platform offered the community of international tech startups in the mobile sector the opportunity to participate in one of the most important events in Israel, the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, as part of its delegation. Week after week, dozens of startups submitted their entries in the hope of securing one of the 15 slots that would win them access to the 4YFN Village, the exhibition area created at DLD Tel Aviv to promote the delegation’s projects.

The 15 startups selected by the 4YFN team are now ready to delve into a programme that from 7 to 9 September will place them in contact with key players in Israel’s high tech ecosystem. Robots featuring artificial intelligence, the first Latin American app for golfers, and a digital “Kindness Chain” system are some of the innovations that will be on display at the 4YFN Village at this edition of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.


The selected companies include a significant number that have developed applications, products and services focused on entertainment. Finnay, for example, is a Finnish startup that delivers an innovative experience when giving and receiving gifts: through an online store, it allows any user to buy and send gifts directly. It also has an app that allows one to give gifts through “treasure hunts.” The company, which currently operates in Helsinki, Berlin and Frankfurt, was a finalist at the 4YFN Awards 2015.

From Colombia there is Galf, the startup that has created Latin America’s first app on golf. This application features golfers from 75 countries allowing them to record their scores, follow their statistics during competition, create tournaments with friends, and follow other rounds in real time.

For video and photography lovers the Swedish startup Newstag and Italy’s Kolektio have created new ways to handle and share audio-visual material. Newstag is an innovative online video platform that allows one to find, share and label news stories so as to increase their social impact. Based on the novel concept of the tagstream, a mix of tag and streaming, with Newstag one can segment and share, in real time, any type of audio-visual content. What Kolektio offers, meanwhile, is a solution to share photographs in a private and automatic way. Through an app each user manages his special moments, being able to invite other users to share the photos that they have taken of the same event. In this way all the photos taken at a given time are automatically compiled and shared with the other members of the group.

Two of the startups selected to form part of the 4YFN delegation at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival have developed solutions targeting the Tourism sector. Such is the case with Softmogul, (Albania), which offers a Cloud-based system that simplifies and streamlines hotel management and lodging-related services. Wiffinity, meanwhile, will present a mobile platform that furnishes tourists with a Wi-Fi connection and offers them specific content on the city that they are visiting. The Madrid startup has been able to detect one of travellers’ biggest needs and respond to it in their innovative application.

Adele Robots, from Asturias, and The Social Coin, from Barcelona, are startups with a decidedly social component. The first of them is a company working to improve people’s quality of life through the creation of robots and artificial intelligence. Thus, for example, they present Tico, a robot that informs and advises customers at supermarkets, and the baby seal Nuka, a therapeutic tool based on the concept of animal therapy. The Social Coin is based on the idea of “paying it forward,” in an effort to promote actions that are positive for the community. Through what are called “social coins,” managed by means of a digital platform, altruistic actions are generated that help to improve people’s quality of life.

On the environmental side, but also related to the economy, Fueloyal is a Croatian-American startup focused on the transport industry, striving to optimise the fuel supplying process and prevent adverse consumption practices. Lorry drivers who wish to employ this solution only have to install a new cap on their fuel tanks, the iCap 1000, which will prevent fuel loss.

Also in the service sector, but oriented towards the area of financial technology, is Kantox, an online currency exchange platform that offers SMEs a comprehensive currency solution without involving a bank; and Onebip, a mobile payment service that provides a simple, fast and secure way to pay for digital goods and services without the need for a credit card or bank account.

Finally, among the 15 startups selected to represent 4 Years From Now at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival are some companies whose business is based on offering solutions to other companies. For example, the American startup Fresh Digital Group (New York) aims to function as a provider of digital, mobile and social solutions designed to transform the relationship between companies and their clients through the use of drones and beacons, and the development of apps for mobiles and the Apple Watch. Then there is D-wave (Barcelona), which seeks to digitally transform companies and all types of activities through the implementation of SMAC digital technologies: Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. 

The last two startups that will have the opportunity to present their products and services in Israel are The Motion, a Madrid-based company that has developed a new system to convert e-commerce catalogues over to video format; and Navigine (Russia), which has created in-building navigation and positioning software, allowing users  to move about large facilities and pinpoint their destination with a margin of error of just 1 metre.

In summary, 15 innovative and disruptive mobile technology projects with great potential for growth. The adventure begins now: the time has come to change the world. You’ll find all the information that you need on 4YFN’s microsite about the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival.