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Barcelona is committed to technological innovation and determined to establish itself as a leading smart city, on the European and international stages, dedicated to making efficient improvements to its infrastructures and incorporating technological evolution into the lives of its citizens. In this endeavour a smart bet is the application of the Internet of Things to improve people’s day-to-day lives.

The Catalonian capital stands out for hosting different specialised programmes on the Internet of Things, supporting entrepreneurs and accelerating mobile sector startups. Thanks to initiatives like the Smart City Expo World Congress and the Startupbootcamp Barcelona – IoT and Data acceleration programme, among others, Barcelona has become a major hub in the sphere of smart cities and the Internet of Things.

What advantages will the complete integration of IoT bring to our lives? It has been calculated that each human being is surrounded by at least 1,000 to 5,000 objects. According to a study conducted by the company Gartner, in 2020 there will be some 26 billion connected devices featuring IoT adaptation systems. As a result, many of the daily problems we currently face will disappear; it will be possible, for example, to locate any object, such that lost goods will be a thing of the past.

Barcelona, as a foremost smart city, aims to take advantage of all this innovative field’s benefits, prompting it to host the first international conference based on IoT. Thus, from 16-18 September the first edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress will be held, an international event organised by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium. Located in the facilities on the Gran Via, the congress will focus on the application of the Internet of Things to industry.


Image | Internet of Things Solutions Congress

For three days the congress will host a range of activities based on the application of this trend at different international companies, with speakers from major industries offering talks and seminars on the keys to the application of the IoT; exhibitions, demonstrations and discussions on connecting networks will be just some of this international congress’s highlights.

One of this congress’s draws is its exclusivity: this is the first international-level event concentrating on IoT solutions in real life scenarios. It is, in addition, the first time that live demonstrations will be conducted on test beds, making it possible for attendees to experience the industrial IoT in action.

The event stands as Europe’s largest conference on the IoT, aimed at the growing technological sector in this area and centring on industrial solutions related to Manufacturing, Hospitality, Energy, Logistics and Transport, Construction, Agriculture and Health, among other sectors. It will feature more than 100 speakers from the areas of Industry, Operations and Technology, with approximately 2,000 executive-level attendees, representing a bridge between technology and industry across all sectors, through real and practical applications for companies.

Ron Zahavi, Senior Enterprise Strategist at Microsoft; Prith Banerjee, Executive Director at Accenture; Jonathan Ballon, Vice-president of Intel; and Michael Raynor, Director of Deloitte, among others, will be some of the notable speakers at the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. With a line-up featuring the premier figures in the area of the Internet of Things, and over 80 participating companies, the congress constitutes an event of international renown.

Making the congress even more attractive are the 35 IoT-focused tech sector companies that will be on hand to hire international talent from amongst the conference’s attendees. This is an opportunity for companies interested in launching and promoting their business within the world of industrial IoT innovation.

The conclusion is that the Internet of the Things will be extremely important in both economic and social spheres. This marks the next step in the digital era, as it allows computers to interact like real- life elements and gain independence from human beings. Having reached this point, users will now be able to worry about those things that are really important. Homes connected to their inhabitants, smarter and more efficient cities, and energy savings at the industrial level will be just some of the results in a world where the Internet of Things has been implemented.

Entrepreneurs, startups and now entire cities are setting off down the same path towards the future of interconnectivity in search of new solutions and applications. As a result, all interested parties are encouraged to attend the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress.

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