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For years Catalonia has been at the forefront in the adoption of ICTs in the areas of Health and mHealth on the European stage. Digital implementation in this sector has come about thanks to a range of online resources, from consulting services to medical professionals and real-time applications for medical attention. The popularity of mHealth has grown, as more and more citizens trust digital resources applied to health care. As a result, startups and new applications to inform people and raise public awareness regarding health-related questions are on the rise.

Thus, the stage was set for the creation of iVacunes, a mobile application devised to make it easier to keep track of and follow up on children’s vaccination calendars. The app has been developed by the Public Health Agency of Catalonia and the TicSalut Foundation, with the support of Mobile World Capital Barcelona.


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iVacunes contains all the information on children’s vaccinations and follow-up on them: data on scheduled vaccines (those administered according to a current vaccination calendar), in addition to information on non-scheduled ones too, for specific segments of the population. And the app is not restricted to the vaccination of just children, as anyone interested in tracking their vaccination calendar will find it useful.

One of iVacunes’s advantages is that it is updated in synch with each user’s vaccination calendar, which evolves in a continuous way. Young people and adults, and the parents of children in the vaccination phase can use this app to check the vaccines appearing in medical records, without having to look for the physical card traditionally used to record this data. It is a very complete and accessible tool that allows parents and young people to check information on their vaccination calendars.

When dealing with an issue at the social level as vital as vaccination, it is important that citizens be informed and up to date on all the relevant developments. Information on new vaccines, the ages at which they are to be administered, or changes to the system are very helpful, especially when this information can be accessed from anywhere.

The iVacunes initiative bolsters the role played by ICT development in Catalonia. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.