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The date is drawing nearer for the most eagerly awaited event for smart city sector entrepreneurs and experts. Barcelona, an international leader in terms of innovation, will host the next edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress from 17-19 November.

The congress will give entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the most influential smart city development and innovation experts.

The SCEWC features several thematic tracks grouping the main issues involved in smart city development:

  • Technology. Integration services, sensors, the Internet of Things and Big Data are some of the points included in this track. The aim is to find financing solutions and new business and urban ecosystem models.
  • Sustainability. The contributions in this regard centre on the development of green buildings, improved water usage, and urban renewal, as the main elements making smart cities sustainable and efficient.
  • Society. This track focuses on innovation in the social sphere, thanks to collaboration between citizens, and apps designed for this area; measures applicable to make smart cities habitable and safe places.
  • Mobility. Solutions to share, integrate and develop infrastructures and new technologies in transport systems.
  • Governability. Transparency, Open Data and cooperation between public and private bodies, within the framework of finance and public services, are this track’s main targets.

Another one of the congress’ main attractions are its speakers, tech sector experts from leading companies dedicated to innovation and development. They include Abha Joshi-Ghani, Director of the Knowledge Exchange & Learning area at the World Bank; Jeremy Rifkin, Founder and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends; Richard Florida, Professor at the University of Toronto and NYU, and a Senior Editor at The Atlantic Toronto ; and Minerva Tantoco, Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York, among others.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A new development at the 2015 edition of the SCEWC will be a strong stress placed on entrepreneurship: 4 Years From Now, Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s innovation and entrepreneurship programme, is participating in this edition with its exhibition area 4YFN Village, a showroom located in the Smart City Plaza, the heart of the facility. In this space entrepreneurs and startups will be able to present their projects to possible clients and prominent investors in the sector, both Spanish and international. Those startups wishing to participate in the 4YFN Village and carve out a niche in the future of smart solutions for cities can still file applications.

In addition, as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress, 4YFN is also sponsoring the first 4YFN Awards, to be awarded to the most innovative technological projects in the areas of sustainability, energy, technology or smart city governability. Achieving international visibility, appearing in specialised media, going before a panel of experts, and placing one’s startup at the centre of smart cities’ future are some of the benefits of participating in this competition.

The deadline for startups to present their entries was Friday, 25 September. However, due to the strong response to the initiative by the entrepreneurial community, the organisation has decided to extend it until Friday, 2 October. All startups and entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of this great opportunity are still in time to participate.

In addition, the 4 Years From Now team remains at the disposal of all parties interested in reaching any other type of collaboration, association or sponsorship agreement.

Innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and smart solutions form part of a congress that will shape the future of smart cities and their citizens.