Image | Europe Code Week

From 10 to 18 October we will have a new edition of the European Union Code Week, in which thousands of acts will be organised all over Europe so that children, adults, teachers and businesspeople learn not only to code, but also everything related to digital skills.

This is the third edition of the initiative, the motto of which in 2015 is “Bringing ideas to life. The purpose is still the same and is to bring coding to the people and to convey the fact that it is not a language linked exclusively to information technology, but that it allows us to make the ideas we have in our minds a reality.

The Code Week is promoted by Young Advisors, a group of inspiring young people working closely together with the European Commission, and run by volunteers from all over Europe who want to promote coding in their countries. It was launched in 2013 and last year was a success with 150,000 people from 36 countries taking part in some of the more than 4,200 activities that were organised. One of the initiative’s characteristics is that any person or institution interested can organise an event in the Code Week.

Alessandro Bogliolo, director of the EU Code Week team, stresses that this event is held to help Europeans “discover coding and have fun with it. Learning to code is giving shape to our future”. According to data from the European Commission, each year 100,000 new jobs related to ICT are created each year, and it is estimated that there will be a shortfall of 900,000 professionals in this sector in the coming decade.


Image | Code Week

Spain, and especially Barcelona, will not miss the call with more than 120 events already announced. Thanks to these, we can see everything related to coding: from finding out how robotic technology works and seeing the new coding languages to creating an app, making a first contact with coding or creating a videogame. Anyone interested can check out all of the planned activities on the official website.

At the same time, the Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s mSchools programme will be organising the  Cocreation Meeting, aimed at secondary school and vocational training teachers interested in creating and managing applications for mobile devices. This is a workshop intended, as part of the App Education subject, to apply the techniques for innovation and guidance in the groups in order to achieve and manage the proposed app creations of students using the sector companies’ working methodology. The Department of Education of the Regional Government of Catalonia and GSMA are working together on the organisation of the workshop, which will be open to any teacher who wants to modernise the education in their classrooms.

The Code Week will allow us to enter the coding world in an easy way, surrounded by people with the same objective. In an ever more digitalised world, coding and programming will be more and more important in employment, so initiatives like the Code Week or educational programmes such as mSchools are the perfect opportunity for us to see everything we need about digital language for ourselves.