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What steps must be taken to become the CEO of a successful startup? From amongst the hundreds of entrepreneurs in the process of developing products and solutions intended to revolutionize society, only a few will manage to reach their goal. There is no magic formula to ensure the achievement of objectives, but several of the keys that lead to success are known: having talent, making contacts, and knowing how to network and negotiate are some of them.

Another key for entrepreneurs to take their startups to the top is based on industry knowledge. You have to learn about what the competition is doing, become familiar with the business models that have worked and, above all, know the ecosystem around you. Therefore, events like that offered by NewCo can be decisive in an entrepreneur’s career.

NewCo is an initiative that was launched in San Francisco in 2012, featuring festivals, media and services. The festivals are events conceived to allow participants to “Get out to get in.” Held in over 16 different cities, they connect entrepreneurs with these places’ most innovative companies. For a whole day companies renowned for their business models open their doors and explain how their businesses operate to all those who have signed up for visits. They actually constitute genuine talks given in an informal atmosphere, the ideal setting to observe, learn and replicate new business models.

Following the initiative’s success in Silicon Valley, NewCo has travelled to cities like New York, London and Amsterdam. Next Wednesday, October 28, the event that celebrates entrepreneurship comes to Barcelona.

On October 28, 2015 50 innovative companies will open their doors in Barcelona. Each of the startups participating in the event will organise one-hour interactive sessions. The founders of each company will share with the entrepreneurs attending these sessions the vision, culture and innovation strategy that brought them success. NewCo represents an exclusive tour through cutting-edge spaces where attendees can meet and exchange views with the city’s greatest minds.

All those who decide to participate in NewCo, in addition, are to design their own itineraries; based on the agenda drawn up by the organisation, attendees will choose, for each time slot, those companies they wish to visit. Wayra, Filmin, Privalia, Betahaus and PopPlaces are some of the companies participating in the event. Mobile World Capital Barcelona, located in the MediaTIC building, in the 22@ district, will also offer an interactive session in conjunction with the event. Aleix Valls, Director of the entrepreneurship and innovation programme, will be the visit’s MC.

If you are interested in participating in NewCo Barcelona and learning about successful business models, buy your ticket and select the sessions you would like to attend. Take advantage of the promotional code MWCNEWCO to enjoy a 30% discount. The event will wind up with a NewCo Drinks & Networking function, starting at 7:30 pm.

NewCo encourages you to “get out to get in.” Hit the street and delve into the entrepreneurial community in Barcelona!