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On December 1, 2015 Europe’s leading business acceleration platform, Startupbootcamp, will kick off the second edition of its programme, centering on the Internet of Things and Smart Data, in Barcelona.

With more than 2,000 startups evaluated during the initial stage of the project, 19 teams were selected to travelled to Barcelona to participate on 9-10 November for the Selection Days. An intense closing selection process that yielded 11 final startups.

These startups will receive funding, be set up at the Media-TIC building’s Barcelona Growth Centre for 3 months, and will enjoy access to a complete line-up of coaching, workshops, master classes and individual sessions. Their solutions encompass a wide range of issues related to the Internet of Things and data analysis.

Solutions for industrial or business use

Some of the selected startups’ projects feature direct applications to the world of business or the industrial sector. Such is the case with DataQuarks, a British startup that has developed a tool capable of measuring the risk rate of any financial operation. The solution is capable of foreseeing any scenario and represents an indispensable tool when it comes to developing investment plans.

Another of the selected startups, Catalonia’s Excelera, bases its technology on high-power, energy-efficient sensors applicable to any device in any industrial sector, to enhance their performance.

Intranetum offers a smart platform created to facilitate a company’s day-to-day operations. Through a knowledge management system and a corporate social intranet, different companies may share information, files, experiences and even ideas in order to draw valuable conclusions that can serve to optimise their business models.

Also selected to participate in the Startupbootcamp Barcelona – IoT and Data programme is Sekg, which uses data analysis to render machines capable of learning to interpret human emotions. Among the different products developed by Sekg is a platform that allows companies to discover their consumers’ emotional responses to given input, and a personal system that improves academic performance.

LifeTracker, a smart app that automatically manages and administrates tasks, devices and services to predict user behaviour; Storm, which interprets data transactions between businesses and their suppliers to streamline their relationships; and Hutoma, a company that develops interfaces with artificial intelligence for connected devices, applications and websites round out the series of startups with projects focusing on corporate management.

Solutions focused on simplifying users’ lives

The startups selected to participate in the Startupbootcamp Barcelona – IoT and Data include three companies whose solutions are designed to improve end users’ quality of life.

Memio, for example, has created a product aimed at seniors, a connected pillbox that provides patients with the right pill at the right time. Through an associated wearable, in addition, this pillbox also sends reminders in the form of alerts and alarms. The pillbox is controlled via an app managed by health care personnel overseeing each patient’s care, thereby regulating medication administration.

Another solution chosen by the Startupbootcamp team is that offered by RealSpeaker, which has developed a speech recognition system through audio-visual content.

Finally, there is Recualizer, a platform so that personnel in charge of hiring employees can get a better grasp of the person behind the resume. Through data analysis, and depending on the parameters selected, Recualizer proposes the best candidate for the position offered, representing a complementary tool that is especially useful for people lacking experience in selection processes.

And for general use, both by companies and end users, is the software developed by the startup WiMark Systems to centralize the management of Wi-Fi networks. WiMark’s Virtual Universal Wi-Fi Controller could eventually replace WLAN hardware controllers, which are much more expensive, without hindering the proper functioning of the network.

Eleven promising startups prepare to participate in Europe’s leading acceleration programme. Prepare to see the results.