The third edition of 4 Years From Now, the event for entrepreneurs supported by Mobile World Capital and GSMA as part of the Mobile World Congress, will feature the participation of 400 startups at the Innovation Market, the event’s exhibition area. From February 22 to 25, 4YFN will also offer a complete programme of talks, meetings with investors and journalists, and workshops, and will culminate with the 4YFN Awards, a set of honours recognising the year’s most innovative digital projects.

As at the previous edition of 4YFN, the mobile startups contest is divided into three competitions, organised according to the event’s three themes: Disrupted by Mobile (February 22), the Internet of Things (February 23) and Digital Media (February 24).

The registration process for the 4YFN Awards closed with a total of 573 entries from 52 countries all over the world. Only 24 startups, eight in each category, made it to the final. All of them were selected by a specialised panel made up of experts in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Finance. Jon Bradford, cofounder of F6S and, will be the contest’s new MC, and also participated in the selection process.

A highlight of the 4YFN Awards will once again be the presence of international startups. The most represented countries are Spain, the UK, Germany, the USA, France and Israel. As in previous years, Barcelona remains the city with the most projects, followed by London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and Tel Aviv.


Disrupted by Mobile: digital tools to improve traditional industry

The 8 startups selected to compete in this category belong to sectors like Finance, Agriculture and Communications:

  • Agroptima – This tool developed by two Catalonian entrepreneurs is a platform to facilitate the daily management of farms.
  • Authenteq – At a time when security related to digital identity has become a key social issue, Authenteq offers a platform to verify the identities of buyers and sellers in online marketplaces.
  • FruitBull – When is the ideal time to harvest and sell fruits and vegetables? FruitBull indicates the prices of fruit and vegetables, in real time, in an application aimed at producers, distributors and superstores.
  • Jack 45 – This application allows users to send messages that can only be read when they decide.
  • Numbercom – A platform that connects users on its network based on mobile phone numbers and offers them free online telecommunications services (voice, video and chat).
  • OffLA – Many people today still refuse to make payments on the Web. OffLA offers an online payment fraud detection service for transactions made via mobile devices.
  • Thing Thing – This application consists of a virtual keyboard for mobiles.
  • What3Words – A mapping platform that offers a new universal addressing system based on the use of 3 words on a 3m x 3m grid.

The Internet of Things, the revolution of connected objects

Any traditional object can be transformed into a connected one. The following 8 startups have carried out real projects based on this principle:

  • 14 – A new dimension of play is possible with the system created by this startup, which combines hardware and paper to create interactive paper toys controlled through an app.
  • Brain Gaze – Founded in 2013, this clinical and commercial solution is capable of predicting and determining personal behaviour based on, for example, eye movement.
  • Cleen Been – A technology to control and eradicate MRSA infections (a staphylococcal microbe resistant to antibiotics, like methicillin) in hospitals.
  • Comfy Light – Many connected objects feature applications in the area of home security. This bulb, featuring artificial intelligence, “learns” when lights are normally turned on and off each day, and replicates these patterns when there’s nobody home, thus protecting families from intruders.
  • Hi Park – Cities are perfect settings for the implementation of IoT solutions. In this case the Hi Park platform displays, in real-time, free parking spaces on the route that a driver has indicated.
  • Natural Machines – New advances in 3D printing and nutrition are put to use in this 3D food printer that promotes healthy eating.
  • Stock it – This infrastructure allows anyone to rent, sell or share objects, without intermediaries.
  • Wearable Life Science GmbH- Antelope – The training suit developed by Antelope improves muscle performance through a system of electrostimulation. The use of this solution is capable of doubling the efficiency of one’s workout.

Digital Media, seeking new ways to consume content

In an ever-changing society, the media should be at the forefront of innovation, as the 8 finalists in this category prove:

  • Civocracy – The mission of this startup is to connect, via a new social network, those involved in the decision-making process with ordinary people so that everyone participates in the issues affecting society.
  • Hutoma – The solution created by this startup is an assistant, benefitting from artificial intelligence, for personal or business use.
  • Immyfly – Some flights are very long. This multimedia entertainment system aims to combat boredom during those long journeys.
  • Multidub – Designed to revolutionise the film industry with technology that allows the user to choose the language in which he prefers to watch a movie or series, no matter where he is. For example, right at the movie theatre.
  • Pixoneye – The startup has developed a technology that analyses users’ behaviour and preferences through the photos and pictures they post on the Internet.
  • Snappers – Communication in the 21st century is already global. With this tool bloggers, influencers and freelance journalists can remotely cover an event through crowdsourcing, obtaining video in real time.
  • Supenta – Flitchio – Flitchio is the name of the first smartphone case that turns the device into a game console with a built-in controller.
  • uCiC – An application that allows the user to connect with people all over the world, in real time, to meet their needs or solve their problems.

Some of these startups seek to change the way we do things today, and the 4YFN Awards are a great opportunity that can play a pivotal role in their future.