Mobile technology is transforming industries today. The advent of new digital tools in various sectors has led to the rise of a different business model that requires another kind of interaction with customers and suppliers, and influences decision-making.

The Mobile Thinking Days, a Mobile World Capital Barcelona initiative, seeks to contribute knowledge and facilitate the exchanging of experiences between executives regarding the impact and challenges digital transformation generates in the fields of business, tourism and retail. On 4 and 5 February, with the GSMA Mobile World Congress coming up, the programme offered two sessions aimed at all managers with leadership capacities in their companies, whether directors of innovation, strategy or digital marketing.

The event, hosted by Oscar Pallarols, director of MWCB’s Smart Living programme, was designed to provide information to optimise strategies within the new mobile paradigm through talks, seminars, business case studies, workshops and networking. In this way attendees were able to acquire tools facilitating decision-making and generate synergies to identify and address challenges with other companies and agents in their sectors sharing common interests.

For example, to redefine current business models and contribute to the enhanced efficiency of operations within a company, it is crucial to understand and know how to use today’s new digital tools. Genís Roca, Partner and President of Roca Salvatella, participated in the Mobile Thinking Days with the talk “The digital transformation: challenges, opportunities and management”; Stefano De Liguoro, Head of Digital & Direct Business at Zurich, with the presentation of a real business case; and Gerard Vélez, Director of Digital Transformation at Roca Salvatella, with a workshop on digital transformation.

In order to keep from falling behind, institutions, entities and companies must appreciate the impact of digital transformation on business and share a vision, which will be key to meeting the sector’s challenges in the coming years.