4 Years From Now, the largest international event for mobile startups, supported by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA as part of the GSMA Mobile World Congress, presents at each new edition disruptive initiatives and activities to promote new business opportunities.

At the third edition, to be held from 22 to 25 February at the Fira de Barcelona convention facility on Montjuïc, 4YFN will launch The Social Coin Challenge. This is a social challenge designed so that all those attending can assist one another selflessly, whether by simply giving each other a hand helping someone to find a talk or a stand, or by influencing others when it comes to forging ties that can yield new business agreements. Through a token provided by The Social Coin, the attendees that participate in this activity will be able to track the actual effects of their actions.

There will be a total of 3,000 tokens on the premises, which will be distributed by the organisation. The process to use them will be as follows: once the token is received from one of the 4YFN volunteers, the attendee scans the barcode to access The Social Coin app and report the good deed that has been done. Each of the actions will be tracked and scored, and 4YFN will provide rankings of the various “good deeds”, in real time.

Each day the organisation will reward those who have carried out the best actions over the course of the day. Firstly, there will be the SPARK Awards, issued to the attendee who has earned the most points through his good deeds related to the challenge of the day. Secondly, there will be the RIPPLE Awards, designed to recognise the best selfless action, regardless of the type.

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The daily challenges to be launched by 4YFN are the following:

February 22 – Connect:

The aim of the day is to introduce someone to another with the aim of boosting their respective businesses: an entrepreneur to an investor, an investor to another investor, an accelerator to a large company … The award for the challenge is an invitation for two to the private Chairman’s Dinner, which will wrap up the event.

23 February – Inspire:

Given the attractive series of talks and workshops available at 4YFN, how do the startups attending the event know which are best to definitively bolster their projects? This is the key to getting an invitation for two to the Mobile Multimedia Experience (MMIX): recommending a talk or workshop to someone to help them hit upon fresh ideas.

24 February – Ignite:

In this challenge what counts is good advice to improve businesses. It may be legal, marketing tricks, information on financing … The person posting the highest score with his or her advice will win an invitation for two to the 4YFN Closing Party.

In addition, those having performed the actions with the highest scores in the RIPPLE category will win a breakfast menu for two (22 February), a sushi menu for two (23 February) and a 4YFN hooded sweatshirt.

If tokens are not obtained at the facility, attendees will also be able to get them by registering on The Social Coin.

The Social Coin is a SaaS and IoT platform to promote chains of good deeds, which at 4YFN will seek to bolster the international entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is an initiative that others are bound to mimic soon at other large venues around the world.