The changes that mobile technology is causing across all industries was the key topic of 4YFN’s first day. The 2016 edition of the event opened its doors with a wide variety of talks, panels and workshops focused on mobile disruption.

The event was kicked off with a welcoming speech by MWC’s CEO Aleix Valls and Yossi Vardi, chairman of 4YFN.

After that, Google’s Rich Miner and Mike Butcher of TechCrunch took the stage to discuss the evolution of Android -the largest mobile operating system in the world- and Google’s approach as an investment firm, through their investment vehicle Google Ventures. What followed were more than 10 talks with companies of different nature, from traditional and large players such as Logitech or Nokia to up-and-coming startups such as Wallapop, Spotcap, Withings or Drivy, the French car sharing company that’s here in Barcelona rerepresenting La French Tech.

As previously mentioned, mobile technologies are disrupting not only the life of tech-savvy people, but also the general population both in developed and developing markets. These and other topics were discussed in sessions that touched on industries like (financial technology services, which included the participation of 4YFN partner Banco Sabadell), telecommunications or the sharing economy.

Commenting on the topic of transportation and the sharing economy, Drivy’s CEO Paulin Dementhon said that “compared to the traditional rental experience, which involves a lot of paperwork and waiting, we have totally cut the red tape on the administrative part,“ and that’s largely thanks to innovations made possible through mobile technology, Dementhon said. “Forget what car rental used to be. Now it’s a truly seamless experience.”

4YFN participants also had the chance of attending 13 different workshops organised by industry leaders. Chartboost’s co-founder, Pepe Agell, talked about next-gen marketing tactics for companies to grow their mobile games, Indiegogo’s representatives commented on the evolution of alternative forms of financing and French startup success story, Sigfox, encouraged partners and users to join their community to change the way IoT devices communicate with each other.

The ‘innovation market’ located at the entrance of Fira Montjuic was also one of the highlights of the day. More than 40 companies from all over Europe and with different backgrounds responded to questions from press members, investors and the general public.

The day finished with the 4YFN Awards Final for mobile companies. A group of experts featuring Ralph Riecke (hub:raum), Ran Ben-Yair (Ubimo), Roy Ramon (Intel), Ayelet Noff (Blonde 2.0) and Jon Braford (f6s) chose mobile app ThingThing as the winner of the day.