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Mobile History Map, the mSchools initiative promoting the use of mobile technology applied to the Humanities, is launching a new challenge in 2016. The project, based on a mobile application and geolocation platform that makes it possible to collectively create content, was presented in 2015 as a tool to promote learning through mobile devices.

The goal is for students of different ages in the Catalonian educational system to generate content in different formats on various points of interest near their schools. Teachers and industry experts scientifically evaluate the contents generated to make the Mobile History Map a unique catalogue of information on prominent locations in Catalonia, accessible by everyone.

After the successful experience in 2015, in 2016 mSchools Mobile History Map poses a new challenge: “The Catalonia of the past century. Memories and experiences of a bygone era.” Primary and secondary school students are invited to use the application to explain the most interesting and fun differences in their immediate surroundings’ history. All the geolocations reported will form part of the App Awards, the competition and ceremony that recognises the work of students and teachers who participate in mSchools’ different initiatives.

Each school can submit up to 6 entries per category (primary and secondary). From amongst all of them, a panel of experts will choose 10 finalists per category, and from them, the 3 winners (6 in all).

For an entry to have a shot at winning it must contain documentation featuring high-quality audio, video and text, and be free of errors, original, coherent and reliable. The textual content also should be available in Catalan, Spanish and English.