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From 14 to 16 March Washington DC hosts another edition of Connect: ID, the international exhibition dedicated to exploring the application of technology related to digital identity services.

The event is organised into three major conferences: biometrics, mobile identity and secure identity. Around each one of them a specific line-up of talks is slated, to take place simultaneously and explore in-depth the different aspects of technology linked to identity, in both the physical and digital worlds.

On March 15 the director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s digital transformation programme, Oscar Pallarols, will participate in the round table Mobile and digital identity services for citizens, focusing on the area of mobile identity at the 2016 Connect: ID event.

This round table will address the importance of government administrations themselves promoting electronic identity and mobile identity services. In this context Pallarols will present the results of the GSMA Mobile Connect pilot test, which was presented at the GSMA Mobile World Congress and constitutes the first universal mobile identity service.

Mobile Connect is a standard interoperable and secure authentication service that allows citizens to access all kinds of digital services. By means of this service users do not need to employ different identification data to access various government services, an advantage facilitating the regular use of digital public services. Mobile Connect was tested by the public administrations of Finland and Catalonia.

In addition, at the Mobile and digital identity services for citizens round table Pallarols will discuss the most relevant data from the ID_M report. The study, conducted in 2015 by Mobile World Capital, analyses the potential of smartphones as new identification tools that are totally secure, reliable and private, and their potential implementation in this way in Catalonia.