In November 2015, as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress the Swedish startup Mapillary won the first 4YFN Awards Smart City Edition, being recognised as the top mobile technology solution related to smart cities.

A few months later the live and collaborative mapping app, which works based on image capture and upload, is back in the headlines. Investors of the stature of Atomico (Skype), Sequoia Capital (GitHub, Stripe) and LDV Capital, among others, saw potential in this participative street view app, enabling Mapillary to complete a financing round of 8 million dollars.

With the advent of Mapillary on the market the hegemony of Google Street View is overturned. The fact that it is users themselves who, through their smartphones, can upload the images forming the common map, makes it a much less expensive and more responsive service, and one more capable of being updated in real time. Today, Mapillary has some 6 million photos uploaded, displaying approximately 200,000 km2 worldwide.

Mapillary CEO Jan Erik Solem believes the fact that anyone can help to create the map, from anywhere, with any device, makes it a viable alternative to the service offered by Google. “We are not building a map product, but rather focusing only on the appearance of the street photos. This means that we are happy to supply any application with images and data.”

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