When smartphones and tablets were first placed on the market, an important segment of society used them primarily for leisure. However, over the years, both objects have become basic work tools, in many cases replacing computers.

Now lighter and more powerful, smartphones and tablets are so versatile that they can meet virtually any need a professional might face when away from the office. Applications and the ability to work in the Cloud do the rest.

Still, when working on a smartphone, having to switch applications slows the pace of work. This was the conclusion reached by the team at Thingthing when they designed a keyboard capable of integrating any application. The solution was honoured at the latest edition of the 4YFN Awards, in the Disrupted by Mobile category.

We talked to Thingthing CEO Olivier Plante about what participating in the event was like:

How did you come up with the idea for Thingthing?

Thingthing came about in response to the problem of having to switch applications while working on mobile devices. After conceptualising the solution to this problem, we set about creating a transversal tool that truly increased productivity. With Thingthing every”thing” is in your keyboard, so you can use ANY app that you need!

What are the main advantages of the integrated keyboard?

Using a smart keyboard like Thingthing offers multiple benefits: you can type better thanks to the automatic correction engine we’ve created, and you can share faster with quick access to documents, photos, calendars and more, without the need to switch apps. Our motto is “Type better. Share faster.”

Why did you decide to submit your startup in the 4YFN Awards?

Because it is THE event to be in order to get quality exposure. Also, we knew we would be able to meet with investors, partners and customers, all at once.

What is it like to take part in a competition like that organised by 4YFN?

Good, we really liked it. There were many startups with great solutions for people, high profiles in the crowd, great exposure… and a badge of quality with such a prestigious award!

How has winning the prize affected the product’s development? Have you had more downloads since?

Yes, we got a spike and lots of feedback. The development was not really affected, but we did confirm the utility of some of the features we were working on already.

What does Thingthing’s future look like?

Quite promising we think! We think there’s a future in which you’ll simply have to type, and switching between apps, single-function keyboards and languages will be obsolete. We can’t wait to show you the future of messaging.