It is evident the world is going through a complex process of transformation. The emergence of digitization in our lives, the development of new technologies and solutions, as well as the pace at which we are appearing, evolving and succeeding, force us to live in a constant process of adaptation into new social models.

Innovation and the changes it generates in our lives, were the main topic of the last Business Break Lunch, organised by Barcelona Tech City. On this occasion the event, which took place at the new mVenturesBcn offices, had the participation of Carlos Barrabés, founder of Barrabés Group (Next, Meaning, Earth, Trackglobe, StepOne and Think Big Factory).

Under the claim “We innovate for people ́s choices”, Barrabés presented his vision for the future and the changes that are being generated in our ecosystem as a result of innovation, as well as the development of new business models and digital solutions. Innovation and technological changes have led to a reinvention of the economy in which we have to adapt. “There are people who see it as a problem without a way out, but there are a few others who perceive it as an opportunity for reinvention,” the speaker said.

Barrabés explained that “technology is the agent that heads the reinvention of business”. Thanks to nanotechnology, robotics and science, industry sectors will be digitised in terms of optimisation and efficiency of their processes. “Technology facilitates the acquisition of information and expands its media scope. Its potential is in the cooperation in order to make the world a better place; more efficient and global”.

In this sense, the development of new technological systems has given rise to the third industrial revolution. “We live in a world of opportunities, where the business that comes is much bigger than ever.” In this regard, the concept of a new business model focused on people and humanity, promotes the creation of new startups to fulfill the link that exists between innovation and social behavior.

All the changes that are taking place in our ecosystem are driven by “eight key technologies” that already dominate, or will end up dominating our planet in the near future. In particular, Barrabés referred to the Internet of things (IoT), the cloud, security, 5G, Big Data, virtual reality, Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). “These eight technologies are those that allow you to go for The Next of innovation, freshness is the new value”.

“This storm generates thousands of opportunities for those who are facing new challenges, but also can generate threats to those who cling to the use of the more traditional schemes”.