We are all native technologies. The smartphones are an extension of our own body, we use it every day intensively and it’s almost a compulsive behavior, but … do we really know how they work or what is behind each use that we do?

A MOBILE STORY exhibition, driven by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, in collaboration with Movistar, and with the participation between Eurecat and Advanced Leisure Services, promotes a reflection about the present and the future of the evolution of mobile technology and the latest digital advances.

The main exhibit is a pioneering activity in the city that is free and aimed at the general public: the Virtual Escape Room. This installation consists of a game of strategy that presents several enigmas to be solved while using a virtual reality headset.

A MOBILE STORY offers a tour through 10 installations that transport the visitor to different situations in which technology is a transformational element:

  1. Barcelona, Mobile World Capital

The transformation of Barcelona industry is captured in a big multiscreen collage that welcomes you to a tour around the mobile and digital revolution in our society.

  1. The numbers of smartphones

We produce content and interact with our smartphone continuously. Our activity through mobile generates large volumes of data and day to day interactions. The tour shows a large audiovisual installation that puts in a global context the numbers and the actions that we do with our terminal.

  1. We are all technological natives

Sovint we talk about the changes that digital and mobile technologies have produced in our lives and how these have affected in the way to understand relationships, work and communication. We Remember, by interactive devices, the impact of other technological revolutions of the XX century in our personal and collective behavior.

  1. 4.0 Industry

Industry 4.0” presents different interactive formats through which the visitor can discover how Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), sensor technology or advanced computing are improving industry efficiency and creating new business models in strategic sectors.

  1.  Professionals of the future

The visitor discovers new professional profiles related directly with society’s digital transformation. These new professions, which require new competencies and digital skills, are only a sample of the changes the employment world is undergoing

  1. Virtual Escape Room

The first virtual escape room in Barcelona. This installation consists of a game of strategy that presents several enigmas to be solved while using a virtual reality headset in just 10 minutes.

  1. From calling to comprehensive management

Offers a tour through the evolution of mobile devices. From this starting point, the exhibit sets out an interactive review of 10 key models that have allowed us to reach the current terminals.

  1. Convergence technology

Two desks separated only by 20 years of difference show us how it has changed our way of living and doing things.

  1. And tomorrow, what?

The installation presents some of the issues that are expected to be key in the future social and technological development of the mobile.

  1. Technological Showroom

An itinerant space that houses the latest market tendencies. This area will display different projects by companies and institutions, and will allow the visitor to interact with them.

With this exhibition, Mobile World Centre strengthens its role as a space for learning and the exchange of knowledge on the latest trends in the mobile world through the website. ¿Ready to participate? You can already book your turn to enjoy of its experience Virtual Escape Room through the website.