The collaboration between startups and corporations has become a key tool for innovation in the digital transformation that the business community is currently undergoing. a greater number of opportunities for innovation will arise when more digital areas influence the business. Nevertheless, the speed at which a specific industry innovates depends directly on the number of different converging technologies.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona analyses the potential of corporate venturing as a key factor in business competitiveness trough the report: “Corporate Venturing: Achieving Profitable Growth Through Startups”. The document, released by mVenturesBcn, MWCapital’s entrepreneurship and innovation programme, and IESE Business School, analyses the challenges and opportunities presented by this practice drawing on real experiences in Germany, France and Spain.

The report was presented within the framework of a new session of Mobile Talks, the discussion forum on digital transformation with the participation of Aleix Valls, CEO of MWCapital; Núria Betriu, General Director of Industry and CEO at ACCIÓ (Catalonia Trade and Investment); Adrià Batlle, Executive Director of mVenturesBcn; and Julia Prats, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department at IESE Business School. It also included a round table session with a panel formed by Edouard Rozan, Managing Director of Idneo Ventures; Ignasi Salvador, Director of Innovation at Celsa; and Xavi Servat, Director of Fluidra Accelera.

Acording to Aleix Valls, “this is a hybrid model in which both start-ups and large corporations are needed to come up with new solutions for the complex problems we face in business and society at large”. The document confirms that, in the midst of digital transformation, corporations need to turn to new innovation and strategies to maintain their competitiveness and recruit startups. “In order to face this change, corporations must implant new solutions and technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, among others, in order to adjust effectively to the new digital paradigm”, explained Adrià Batlle, Executive Director at mVenturesBcn.

In addition, the event also introduces the multiple existing models of corporate venturing, as Venture Client and Corporate Accelerator, among others, according to the maturity of external innovations, the intensity of capital expenditure, the level of integration of the new solution or the time until results can be achieved.