Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents its last initiative, Mobil Week Barcelona, which propose an open reflexion between digital transformation and Mobile Technology. In order to come up with the challenges, limits and opportunities of digital transformation immersed in our culture. Mobile Week Barcelina will bring together artists, scientists, philosophes, engineers, entrepreneurs and professionals of cultural industry into a transversal initiative, absolutely free and open to all citizens.

The project, that will run from 20th to 26th of February, were presented in a media act, held in the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia). Aleix Valls, CEO of MWCapital, together with Jaume Collboni, the second lieutenant of Mayor of the Area of company, culture and innovation, Pepe Serra, director of the Museu national of art of Catalonia (MNAC), and Juan Baselga director of Marketing and Corporate Engagement of MWCapital, have presented this new initiative.

The presentation  put the focus on 10 artistic creations produced by young artists that show their vision of the digitization and the impact of technology in different areas of society, allowing each one to explain their works for a one minute pitch.

  • Marta de los Pájaros / Piece: Barcelona Un-published
    Type: Contemporary art
    Where: Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
    (Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona), Sant Martí
    Description: “Barcelona Un-published” uses collage to explore technology’s capacity to transform urban landscapes.
  • Daniel Armengol / Piece: I am a strange loop
    Type: Installation
    Where: Mobile World Centre (Ciutat Vella)
    Description: A mirror reflecting into another mirror. A selfie as the projection of the self. What appears to be a screen using a mobile telephone to take a self portrait is in fact a smartphone using a screen to see its reflection. Psychodelia.
  • Gastón Lisak / Piece: #PLUG
    Type: Interactive installation
    Where: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Sants-Montjuïc)
    Description: #PLUG is an interactive installation that follows the lifecycle of a #hashtag on Twitter in real time. A piece that reflects on the use of, and dependence on, digital devices, inviting the visitor to take part.
  • Xavi Julià / Piece: Plaça Catalunya, 2017 – Enganxats al mòbil
    Type: Painting
    Where: La Violeta de Gràcia (Gràcia)
    Description: “I spent two afternoons in a coffee shop in Plaça Catalunya taking photographs with a zoom lens and watching the people who went by. I discovered that very few of the people I watched finished their journey without looking at their phone. I realised that a mobile phone keeps us company when we’re walking on our own, but it is also a (new) way of relating to the people around us.”
  • Fèlix Vinyals / Piece: Orwell 3000
    Type: Installation and video art
    Where: L’Auditori (Eixample)
    Description: “Orwell 3000” is presented in a video art installation: a new concept in pacemakers that will revolutionize the way dictators govern their totalitarian regimes.
  • Alicia Way / Piece: Cronos
    Type: Video art
    Where: Institut Químic de Sarrià (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi)
    Description: Barcelona’s digital transformation can be interpreted through its citizens’ change in habits. “Cronos”, represented on a clock that measures Barcelona’s time, will create a circular map of our view of the city by condensing multiple perspectives.
  • Sovni / Piece: Barcelona, sueño profundo
    Type: Video art
    Where: Parc Tecnològic (Barcelona Nord Technology Park, Nou Barris)
    Description: A series of images of an extraordinary Barcelona created using the Google DeepStyle algorithm, and an allegory of the city in the fields of technology and art; a city that has traditionally adopted styles and technologies in order to create its own unique language.
  • Fernando Vilariño / Piece: @BrossaInèdit
    Type: Digital installation
    Where: Ignasi Iglésias Can Fabra Library (Sant Andreu)
    Description: @BrossaInèdit is a transdisciplinary project that seeks to re-evaluate digital collections thanks to contributions from the public. Poems by Joan Brossa are displayed, on which the general public can make a note of the feelings or emotions they produce in them.
  • Daniel Duato / Piece: Extramurs
    Type: Video art
    Where: Ateneu Fabricació Les Corts (Les Corts)
    Description: This piece shows a satellite image of Barcelona on a screen and displays the interactions between social media users in Barcelona and other parts of the world. The image changes in real time, briefly transforming the areas of the city the users are in into the parts of the world they are interacting with through social media.

In more than 60 cultural spaces, scientific facilities, and areas of innovation, research centres and universities around the 10 districts of the city. Mobile Week Barcelona proposes 3 types of activities: dialogues, artistic creations and routes that will took place simultaneously in each district.

The Dialogues are understood as 10 conversations that will address the impact of the digital transformation in the social, cultural and economic sphere carried out by entrepreneurs, professors, thinkers, creators and scientists. Among the nearly 60 confirmed speakers, Marc Vidal, digital transformation consultant, Josep Ramoneda, journalist, philosopher and writer, and Francesca Bría, commissioner of technology and digital innovation of the Catalunya City Council, among others, stand out.

There will also be 10 artistic creations from different disciplines (letters, videoart, cinema, painting, sculpture, music, photography and urban art), inspired by digital transformation. The works selected in December, will show the vision of each author on the digitization and the impact of technology in different areas of society.

Finally, the planned program proposes 10 inspiring routes, approximately 3 hours around the 10 districts of Barcelona. The aim of these circuits is to help the citizens, especially Barcelona, to rediscover spaces of culture, creativity, innovation, technology, thought and reflection.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona also proposes a program of parallel activities in the framework of Mobile Week Barcelona, the Off Week, which will bring together various activities related to technology, education, entrepreneurship, science, art and culture. This program will also promote two initiatives of their own that will take place at Mobile World Center: the exhibition “A Mobile Story, Virtual Scape Room“, a sample on the impact of mobile technology in our day to day and “A window to Mobile World Congress“, proposal that for the fourth consecutive year will offer a special program to bring the latest technological developments to the citizen.