The irruption of technology in our lives, the development of new digital systems and the high capacity of change in business systems have driven us to the immersion of the 4.0 Industry. The digital age is impacting on services to citizens’ processes and, consequently, also influence in a transverse mode in the change and improvement of the sectors.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona and  Barcelona Tech City, held a new session of Mobile Talks, the discussion forum on digital transformation around issues such as innovation or the impact of new solutions. The meeting reviewed the latest technological trends presented at Mobile World Congress 2017 and 4 Years From Now (4YFN). The meeting was attended by a panel discussion composed with Aleix Valls, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Genis Roca, President of RocaSalvatella; Fabian Simmer, digital officer’s Seat; José María Boixeda, director of strategy, technology and innovation of the Grupo Gas Natural Fenosa; and moderated by Sergi Cortés, founder and Cink serial entrepreneur.

The session included a quick act of welcome by Juan Baselga, marketing director and corporate engagement of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Sergio Cortes, who opened the debate as moderator of the session. The conference offered the opportunity to learn about the last trends that were presented at MWCongress 2017 and 4YFN Barcelona 2017. According to Genis Roca, “Mobile World Congress decided to come to Barcelona, but Barcelona decided to create 4 Years From Now Barcelona”

In this regard, the speakers also explained their conceptions about how blockchain has transformed the current concept of economy and the difficulty to monetize any business through Virtual reality. Aleix Valls explained that “the problem of monetizing virtual reality, is due the virtuality and it does not exist in the real world”. Also highlighted the opportunities that AI (artificial intelligence) offers for the companies in order to go beyond the traditional algorithms, or how the 5G and IoT is revolutionizing the automobile sector. Fabian Simmer explained “the automotive industry is a great candidate to take advantage of the 5G in autonomous driving”. For his part, Josep Maria Boixeda highlighted that “The IoT is still the great promise in the future of technologies”

The session of Mobile Talks came up with the conclusion that 4YFN and the MWCongress have been and will continue to be two key factors that give sense to business technologies.