This week, Mobile World Capital Barcelona has organized the Mobile Talks Café: Getting ready to ‘Mobile Next’, an informal breakfast that has served as a meeting space for presenting the latest Annual Mobile Marketing Study, promoted by IAB Spain, sponsored by Adgage and carried out in collaboration with nPeople.

The conference was attended by Paco Anes, Head of Mobile & New Media at IAB Spain, Gonzalo Guzmán, Founder & CEO of ADGAGE and David Sánchez, CEO at nPeople, all of whom presented the study’s main results. Subsequently, a round table was held on the topic of the 2017 ASO Manual launch, carried out by IAB Spain in collaboration with PickASO and Tribal Worldwide. This round table featured Miriam Peláez, CMO & Co-Founder of PickASO, Guillermo Gallardo, ASO Manager of PickASO and Roberto Sbrolla, Online Marketing Manager at Infojobs.

The session’s first speaker was Juan Baselga, director of communication and marketing at Mobile World Capital, and he highlighted that entity’s work in promoting a mobile and digital transformation for society through initiatives such as Mobile Talks. ‘From MWCapital we support organizations with these events which make us question, reflect and share how to face the changes that emerge in our digital age and allow us to connect with professionals and discuss our experiences’, said Baselga.

The first block of the session highlighted the Mobile Marketing Study’s main conclusions:

  • The smartphone’s penetration amongst 18 to 65-year-olds reaches 97%.
  • Young people aged 18-24 are the ones who use smartphones the most, at a proportion of 100%.
  • Smartphones are the preferred device for connecting to the Internet (81%).
  • There is a measurable penetration of connected devices such as smartwatches, connected cars or virtual reality glasses. These have registered considerable penetration percentages: between 10% and 18%.
  • 86% of users go online daily on their smartphones to perform some social activity (chat, instant messages, social networks…), with young people aged 18-24 being the most active (89%).

After discussing these results, the speakers highlighted some of the trends in the Mobile sector: 80% of professionals have focused on the design of responsive websites and 60% on mobile and mobile video display.

The session ended with a round table on the ASO (App Store Optimization) Manual, a guide that shows data and statistics related to the app market. It has highlighted the importance of adapting ASO strategies to Apple and Google updates, as well as following the three phases of the ASO process: research, optimization and monitoring. ‘The ASO card is essential, we must keep it alive’, said Miriam Peláez from PickASO.

With this conference, MWCapital closes its cycle of six Mobile Talks events in 2017 that have addressed issues such as corporate venturing, technology trends at Mobile World Congress 2017, on-demand economy, big data in the e-health sector, digital talent and mobile next.