Submitting our project to the Mobile Learning Awards and being selected as the winners has been a fantastic experience. We are now much more visible and can share our best practices with other schools – particularly those attended by students with many difficulties and very few resources.” That is how Julio Domínguez, Director at Escola Joan Sallarès i Pla in Sabadell, describes his experience at the Mobile Learning Awards, the competition promoted by mSchools to honour innovative teacher and school-led projects in Catalonia for their use of mobile technology in education.

Like Julio and his school, other education centres and Parent-Teacher Associations in Catalonia will participate in the sixth edition of the Mobile Learning Awards in the Most Innovative schools in Mobile Education category. “Sharing experiences with other schools and teachers is what we value the most about taking part in this mSchools event. It is a great experience that we recommend to everyone,” says Domínguez.

The Escola Joan Sallarès i Pla won first prize in the fifth edition of the event thanks to their project ‘Les TAC a l’abast de tothom’ (Learning and knowledge technologies for everyone). Its aim was to bring every student at the school closer to new technologies in order to bridge the digital divide and provide equal opportunities for every child to use them responsibly.

In the 2018 edition, teachers and students from all over Catalonia will also be able to compete in the Best Digital Learning Experiences and Proposals in the classroomcategory. “Taking part in the mSchools Mobile Learning Awards and having the opportunity to discover the projects being carried out in other primary and secondary schools was highly enriching. It spurred us on to continue down this technological path,” comments Nacho Galvez, a teacher at Escola El Turó in Montcada i Reixac, which was named winner of this same category in the previous edition of the Mobile Learning Awards.

The school’s project ‘Otto, el robot bíped’ (Otto the biped robot) is based on a mechanism to introduce educational robotics with a maker culture at their centre, where for the last couple of school years they have been working with 3D design and printing, along with “some” programming using the platform. “This project helps to give students some perspective on how the different branches of technology they study, programming and 3D design are combined to create this robot.”

Teachers, future teachers, education centres and Parent-Teacher Associations in Catalonia who wish to take part in the 2018 edition of the Mobile Learning Awards, have until 11 February to share their proposals for promoting the use of mobile technology in classroom teaching in either of the two categories.

In the competition’s last edition, mSchools joined forces with European Schoolnet to offer the winners courses in Brussels on the application of new methods in classroom teaching using technological tools and resources. Following the resounding success of this alliance, the Mobile Learning Awards will repeat the formula to reward this edition’s winners with new prizes.

The Mobile Learning Awards ceremony will be held on 1 March within the framework of the most important yearly event in the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress.

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