Yesterday was the last day of the Congress Experience, a space for debate between digital professionals promoted by MWCapital during the 2018 Mobile World Congress, the most important event held in Barcelona for the field of technological innovation.

The meeting, titled ‘Digital Economy’, was attended by Fernando Vilariño, deputy director of the Computer Vision Center and professor in the computer science department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), to discuss new innovation and disruption models in our new digital economy.

During the session Fernando Vilariño and Roc Fages, the moderator for this cycle of sessions, shared with the attendees a discussion on the impact of technologies such as machine learning, computer vision used to generate social transformation and new innovation models. On this issue Vilariño wanted to highlight some of its most interesting applications in sectors such as medicine or the automotive sector, stating that “these technologies can, for instance, allow a car to identify a pedestrian or a medical image to recognize a pathology.”

Vilariño also addressed the positioning of Barcelona in the innovative ecosystem: “This is a very interesting city that has placed its bets on enriching society through technological innovation. Despite this, it is still necessary to identify innovation centers, and to connect them with the actors that drive transformation and attract talent in order to continue consolidating this ecosystem.”

The following video is a summary of the last day of the Congress Experience ‘Digital Economy’:

With this session, the Congress Experience initiative comes to a successful end, a week in which congress attendees were able to enjoy a series of meetings with experts in innovation and technology, discussing the key pillars for the transformation of the innovative ecosystem, an ecosystem where Barcelona is positioned as an agent of change.

Barcelona, leading the transformation.