This week Mobile World Capital Barcelona organized the second edition of Mobile Talks “Technology Trends” in collaboration with Barcelona Tech City. With experts in the sector, the event aims to reflect on the latest developments at the Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), the international event that showcases the latest cutting-edge tech, and 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the leading event for tech start-ups held alongside the Barcelona Mobile Congress.

This year, the following panel of experts attended: Carlos Grau, CEO of MWCapital; Juan Cambeiro, Technological Innovation Manager at Telefónica; Josep M. Ganyet, CEO of Mortensen; Ferran Jover, CEO and Co-Founder of Carnovo; and, as moderator, Sergio Cortés, founder of Cink and serial entrepreneur.

Carlos Grau was in charge of opening the event, and he highlighted the success of the latest edition of the congress. “This edition of the MWCongress has been the best in its history. We are positioning Barcelona as a world capital in mobile technology.” Miquel Martí, CEO of Barcelona Tech City, then addressed the importance of the city as an ecosystem of innovation and an agent of change.

During the first part of the session, the main trend that revolutionized the latest edition of the congress, 5G technology, was discussed further. Juan Cambeiro from Telefónica said that the “Internet of Things is, largely, the driver of its development” and he stated the need to achieve greater simplicity and speed both in infrastructure and technological processes to better respond to the challenges entailed by digitally interconnecting objects with the internet.

Josep Maria Ganyet from Mortensen added to its implementation the need to work on interconnecting people with the environment, not just objects. Carlos Grau also highlighted the Barcelona 5G project, which will allow the city to become a global laboratory for this tech where the mobile phone will become the key component in an IoT environment.

The speakers also mentioned other new technologies that have marked this edition including artificial intelligence, the connected and autonomous vehicle and voice assistants. In this way, the session allowed attendees to discover the cross-cutting nature of the MWCongress. It now not only focuses on the mobile sector, as technological innovation has extended to new products and services in different sectors.

Finally, the impact of the new edition of 4YFN was discussed.  Ferran Jover observed that this congress for start-ups is an opportunity to gain international visibility and for networking. Jover also stated that the success of this event is down to Barcelona’s unique business community because it allows the development of various technological hubs (mobile, videogames, biotechnology) on an international level.

The Mobile Talks event finished with a round of questions from the public where the importance of creation in a digital world to improve cooperation between start-ups and corporations was addressed, as well as net neutrality and the use of machine learning in the community.

The following video is a summary of the event: