We support the digital transformation of strategic sectors and services by integrating technology-based solutions and generating relational spaces that yield advances in competitiveness and value propositions for citizens.

GoingDigital has the mission to give awareness on the impact of digital technologies on the economy, business and society.

Through unique learning experiences, GoingDigital seeds the basis for the digital transformation of companies and industries. It brings together first class speakers, global leaders and the latest digital insights of a world in constant evolution by technology: a powerful combination for success.

  • Unique Learning Experiences: hands-on workshops, reviewing real business cases and learning through unique experiences.
  • A Community of Doers: a community where professionals can find an understanding and transversal vision of digital transformation to become the leaders to accelerate change.
  • Digital Vision: helps leaders to understand what digital transformation really is, to envision its potential and become aware of the key tools required to drive this change.

d-LAB has been set up with the objective of accelerating the digital transformation of society in order to improve the lives of citizens.

This will be achieved by identifying and launching societal challenges with a considerable scale and relevance. The answer to these challenges will come through tailored calls for proposals leading to multitenant projects bringing together resources and knowledge across different fields and technologies, both from the public and private sectors.The co-creation and co-production of services in partnership will be key to the success of the implemented solutions. d·LAB searches solutions that:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Improve quality of life of society
  • Are replicable, global and scalable