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Mobile Talks analyzes the impact of new technological developments at MWC18

This week Mobile World Capital Barcelona organized the second edition of Mobile Talks “Technology Trends” in collaboration with Barcelona Tech City. With experts in the sector, the event aims to reflect on the latest developments at the Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), the international event that showcases the latest cutting-edge tech, and 4 Years From […]

Analysis of new innovation and disruption models in the latest Mobile Talks ‘Congress Experience’ during the 2018 MWC

Yesterday was the last day of the Congress Experience, a space for debate between digital professionals promoted by MWCapital during the 2018 Mobile World Congress, the most important event held in Barcelona for the field of technological innovation. The meeting, titled ‘Digital Economy’, was attended by Fernando Vilariño, deputy director of the Computer Vision Center […]

“Congress Experience”, encounters at MWCongress 2018 with a talk on the cooperation between corporations and startups

Mobile Talks joins the MWCongress 2018 with its initiative “Congress Experience”, a space in which debates will be held among tech and innovation experts at the stand of MWCapital (CS40) during the four days of the congress’ duration. A unique opportunity to get to know sector leaders up close and to get a feel for […]

Collision Weekend: The first step towards the startups of the future

“You are all here because you are the best in your respective disciplines.” With these words the Deputy Director of Mobile World Capital, Mónica Fernández, welcomed participants to the Collision Weekend of The Collider, the new venture builder launched by MWCB Foundation that addresses the challenge of transforming scientific knowledge into technological solutions. Over the […]

The Collider is born, a new programme to promote scientific entrepreneurship

Mobile World Capital Barcelona has just launched The Collider, the new venture builder that addresses the challenge of transforming scientific knowledge into technological solutions. The Collider is a pioneering program in which scientists and entrepreneurs merge their talents to carry out scientific and technological projects through highly innovative startups. This project is an intersection between science and […]

Mobile World Capital Barcelona presents “Opportunity of the Digital Economy in Spain” report

Mobile World Capital Barcelona presented its new report “Opportunity of the Digital Economy in Spain. How digitalisation can accelerate the spanish economy” within the framework of the 31st Digital Economy and Telecommunications Summit hosted in Santander from 4th – 6th September, 2017. The report, made by Mobile World Capital Barcelona together with Accenture, analyses the […]

MailTime is named the most innovative startup at the 4YFN Awards during GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai

4 Years From Now (4YFN), the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) global business platform for the growing community of technology startups, has awarded MailTime as the most innovative digital project at the Shanghai edition of the 4YFN Awards today. This startup, based in China and USA, focuses its activity on instant messaging, and as the […]

Mobile Talks: Tendencias tecnológicas

The irruption of technology in our lives, the development of new digital systems and the high capacity of change in business systems have driven us to the immersion of the 4.0 Industry. The digital age is impacting on services to citizens’ processes and, consequently, also influence in a transverse mode in the change and improvement […]

The artificial intelligence, the engine of the fourth industrial revolution

The Artificial Intelligence is understood, by many, as the intelligence of the future, since it enables to companies and consumers of any industry understand in what context they will be able to use these technologies and the impact they’ll have on their quality of life. However, there are a few others that see the IA […]

Ética y tecnología: la necesidad de una revolución ilustrada en la era digital

Technological advance provides benefits that we use in a natural and instinctive way in our daily lives. These technologies, in general, come up with a new way of relating to the world, with prominence and they will remain to still evolving. The changes generated in the technological sector offer great opportunities as well as they […]

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