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Discover 4YFN 2015 and what to expect for 2016

As we are kicking off with our launch for the 2016 edition of 4YFN at Mobile World Congress 2016 we thought it appropriate to reflect on how the event went this year and how others experiences were during the 3 days in Barcelona. If you want to fully enjoy this interactive infographic, click on it […]


Our entrepreneurship team from 4YFN joined DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival in September 2015, and has prepared a cool interactive infographic! Please download here the 4YFN_DLD_Update in pdf or click on the following image to use the interactive pdf, with links, form and some more surprises! For more information on joining 4YFN at Smart City […]

Health is mobile

We use to say that if a bank is not mobile, it’s not a bank. But now, it turns out that also health ismobile. For years, people feared that mobile technology could be harmful. However, after so many years using it, this statement could not prove to be true, but quite the opposite: mobile phoneshave become a great ally to help improve our health. We’re glad to present you the last infographic by SlashMobility, analyzing mHealth […]

Top 6 rehabilitation apps

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than expected, which can be over 3 or 6 months depending on the case. According to evidence, its most typical causes are four-osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, operations and injuries, cancer, and spinal problems-and it usually manifests in headaches, joint pain, injury pain and backaches. Burning Nights has selected […]

The benefits of B2B, B2C and B2E apps

Business-to-business? Business-to-consumer? Business-to-employee? If you’re preparing an app, how different should it be depending on who are you targeting to? Is there actually a difference? Check out the latest infographic by Slashmobility analyzing the different objectives each strategy will focus:

10 metrics web vs. app

It’s not the same to browse on a website than through an app, so obviously also the way to analyze the behaviour has to be different. Our friends from SlashMobility love keywords, and after some research work, they have have selected the top 10 of the metrics that can be interesting for the online world, […]

Facts and Figures 4YFN 2015

After all the mobile madness, we are already working on the next edition of 4YFN! But here you can find a summary of facts and figures on 4YFN 2015 edition:

How much does an app installation cost?

Do you think all apps cost the same? Does the price change much between Android and iOS? And depending on the country? Geenapp has analyzed 300.000 app campagins and analyzed the data to publish the complete report CPI Wars. You can check the overall data on this infograph or download the full report.

Addicted to mobile?

One out of four adults check their mobile phone more than 50 times per day, and half of us even do it within 5 minutes after waking up. Brands know that, and design products thinking first on their mobile version. Are also we mobile first people?

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