Car apps for the future

Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford, presenting the B-Max during the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, February 2012)

Android has no clear deal with any company, although there’s a lot of interesting gadgets coming out. For example, this year in the CES Las Vegas a cool integration with a mirror could be seen. Many companies and techies have been working for the last couple of years in embedding Android based tablet or navigations systems. One of the latest releases coming from Innotrends, who just launched their last Ca-Fi, or infotainment solution.

But the integration of mobile systems in cars not only aims for navigation and calls, safety is also a main target: the European Commission launched a recommendation for eCall, or an emergency call system last year, where the car would automatically send the position of a crashed car to the emergency services. A similar system called OnStar is already integrated in over 30 General Motors cars (including GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick models), which features a tracking and road assistance system integrated in the rear-view mirror.

Car apps for the future

Mirror embedded systems. “Put an Android in your car” (CES Las Vegas)

And that’s not all, some systems are much more advanced and include driving help. For example, Volvo has just presented and enhancement package to its Autonomous Driving Support, that includes several high-tech safety solutions.

But to close this post, we’d like to talk about the most advanced self-driving car, the Google Driverless. The state of Nevada recently issued the Mountain View-based company its first driving license, so Nevadans will soon see driverless cars roaming their street… just check this nice short video from the director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab during a TED Talk last year: