Online profiles average
most people have an increased amount of accounts

Each individual has several digital identities when acting online. A digital identity in this sense can be defined as whatever the individual says they are in the online world.

The possibility for individuals to act with a remote computing system (while at the same time being recognised by this system) has boosted innovation, making Internet services ever-present and essential for domestic life – from eCommerce to eGovernment, to online interactions related to healthcare, e-Learning, social networks, etc.

In a world as interconnected as the one we live in today, digital identity is a core concept when attempting to guarantee the veracity of all types of secure and private transactions.

Catalonia’s successful strategic positioning is underpinned by a broad facilities network made up of basic and applied research centers, giving rise to technology transfer and driving a system of constant innovation

The smartphone: the perpetually connected, personal, multi-use device

Can be a secure and convenient device to store identity credentials, enabling operations, transactions and communications in both the physical and the virtual realms.

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