At MWCapital we contribute to the growth of Barcelona as a landmark city in the area of digital transformation, generating spaces where technology, citizens and businesses come together.

The Mobile World Centre is a joint public private initiative created by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Telefónica. Located in the heart of Barcelona, the Mobile World Centre is an open space where citizens are able to understand and experience how mobile tecnologies are improving our lives.

The facility offers nowadays “A Mobile Story”, an exhibition on the evolution of mobile technology, the most important technological advances
in contemporary history and their impact on citizen’s daily life. “A Mobile Story” offers a tour through 10 installations that transport the visitor
to different situations in which technology is a transformational element, and a pioneering activity in Barcelona: a Virtual Escape Room, the first free virtual reality strategy game open to the general public in the city.

c/ Fontanella, 2 –Barcelona
open to the public, Monday to Saturday
from 9:30am to 9:30pm