10 start-up accelerators to help you develop your mHealth projects

You have an idea for a product in the eHealth or mHealth field but you do not know where to start and how to handle the project? Or maybe all you need is a little help? One possibility is to turn to a start-up accelerator offering funding and support to start-ups in their initial phase.

We would like to introduce you to a list of ten accelerators oriented at projects in the digital health field.

  • Moebio: Let us start with Moebio, an initiative from Barcelona which was named “the best accelerator we have seen out of Europe so far” by HealthStartup Europe. Among its requirements is that you have a university degree in science or business or are an active health professional with the desire to reorient your career. The program is 27 weeks long and programs are offered at the Clinic Hospital, Sant Joan de Deu Hospital and the Guttmann institute.

  • HealthXL: Three months acceleration programs for different fields in different european countries. For projects related to digital health, Dublin and London are the chosen cities. If your project is selected, your team has to move to one of those cities for the three months duration of the process. Among the mHealth start-ups that passed through this academy are mobile applications like goACT or Nursebuddy.

  • Modern Aging: Those among you with projects aimed at senior citizens should take a look at the accelerator Modern Aging. Based in Stockholm, it offers more than 5.500 Euros in funding to its participants.

Imagen | Modern Aging

  • Health Axis Europe: Cambridge (United Kingdom), Leuven (Belgium) and Heidelberg (Germany) form the Health Axis Europe (HAE) and support cross border cooperation in health matters. You can participate in the competitions they organize or join a four-day summer camp, including conferences, exercises and mentoring sessions.

  • HealthFounders: In Ireland, Health Founders look for projects that change the traditional concept of a hospital, be it with digital or mobile solutions. They provide offices, technological infrastructure and contacts to mentors and investors. The app https://www.healthsnap.it/ is an example.

  • XLHealth: Incubator and accelerator with an intensive program of three months in Berlin promising funding and services valued in up to 50.000 euros.

  • AcceleraceLife: Its program, aimed at start-ups in the health field, goes over six months and can be extended for six more. Every project has a mentor and funding is offered to the participating start-ups.

  • Paris Incubateurs: It is one of the youngest accelerators on the list and based in Paris. It admits projects from different areas related to new technologies, like ecological innovation, digital publishing and eHealth. Currently more than 200 companies are participating in its acceleration program.

  • HealthBox: 16 weeks program in which funding of up to 50.000 dollars is offered together with access to specialized mentors from this area. They are based in London and among the participants we find mobile apps like SOMA or Bon’App.

  • Sprint accelerator: We saved this accelerator for last which unlike the rest on this list is not based in Europe but in Kansas (US), where network carrier Sprint offers stays for projects from the mHealth field. For each edition ten start-ups are selected. They are granted three months of support and mentoring to develop their project.

10 start-up accelerators to help you develop your mHealth projects

Imagen | Sprint Accelerator

Do you want even more options? At Health Startup Europe you can find a complete list with more accelerators and other events for start-ups with mobile or digital health projects. What are you waiting for?