Phobious – an App to overcome your fears

The technology world is very hyper-optimistic, and we have witnessed Apps to even motivate our personal goals. Nevertheless, these Catalonians based in Baltimore (USA) have manage to take further the idea and create an App that helps overcome fear: Psious.

Psious defines itself as a phobia-treatment App , based on a gradual desensitization by a virtual exposure. Just a 10% of people suffering from phobias seek the help of an specialist, so this could be a great Approach to bring therapy closer to users with irrational fears. However, Daniel Roig, one of the project´s founders, tells us that it can also be designed for “a large variety of anxiety disorders such as OCD or PTSD”. It is also worth taking a look at the videos linked to this text to understand its mechanism.

The original ideal is more than just a simple App. They use technological devises to apply a supervised medical treatment. The project has two business strategies. In one hand it allows therapists to improve their sessions (bringing in virtual reality); according to Dani, one of its developers, “with their cell phones, patients can be treated from a distance”. In the other hand, it´s self-use App to be trained “at home”, reducing the distressing effects of fear. Both therapies are compatible, and in many cases it´s recommended to strengthen the self-treatment with remote- psychology sessions (by webcam).

mHealth is not something from a long-term future, it´s already happening

It´s not a publicity stunt, even though its proven effectiveness might sound like it. They confirm that “the product is being used by psychologists within Spain and the US”. “We also have agreements with different medical institutions such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Hopital Clinic or Sant Pau, to keep validating and developing our tools”. It is not a game.

With the challenge to overcome the initial skepticisms, Daniel tells us to see it as simple present fact . Psious is not the only App to march lately into the mHealth sector. He reminds us there are others such as “Welldoc, a diabetic App that can be downloaded only by medical prescriptions, and is financed by the US healthcare system. Undoubtedly, when time goes by more medical Apps will emerge”

For him, the goal of these medical Apps are similar to what we already saw in our first approach to the health sector in mobile devices. “Apps will allow a fast emergency response and personalized treatments depending on what´s required at the time. The process and the decisions will be automatic, freeing the medical staff from unnecessary consults, so they can just focus on the treatment where human skills are essential”

Psious is not their only implemented project, although now is their major focal point. They are also working along with Western Hospitals to apply all their knowledge for anti-anxiety therapies. We can´t wait to welcome anything that gains a greater control over our health.

Official web | Psious