Teaching while playing: Class Dojo´s example

One way or another there have always been teachers who used games to get their students to learn without even noticing. We have all enjoyed that nice teacher who set up class activities or made the lessons interesting while performing extraordinary experiments. Now, teachers have it easier with the help of technology, and they can motivate – if they want to- their students´ learning process with little games. It´s called gamification of learning.

Time ago, when teachers chose to make learning an interesting task with the use of games, there were almost visionaries. Nowadays almost all the teachers ‘community –especially with the youngest students-are going for a gamification of the classes to achieve an effortless learning.

A clear example of how a game can improve the little ones´ classes is Class Dojo, an app with more than 30 million users in more than a 100 different countries. And all of this achieved in just two years and a half since it started.

The majority of learning apps are based on students learning a particular subject; they are specific games for math, science, English or other languages. But Class Dojo app allows the students to have a better behavior while playing in class and therefore improve their learning.

Class Dojo is especially planned for preschool and elementary school students to develop habits and skills that will help them make the most of the classes they attend to, and maintain optimal learning levels during their whole academic training.

Class Dojo´s functioning is quite simple and at the same time very skillful; the teacher can quickly create the class. Once done, the administrator will set the game rules deciding which qualities will be evaluated from each student. These qualities can go from a good behavior during the class, to participate in the lessons o have the homework done. All these behaviors will add points, and the teacher can also assess the negative qualities that will subtract points as well. The students will enter a competition with each other to achieve more points, the more they get the more they can carry out in Class Dojo – such as personalizing their avatar-.

Teaching while playing: Class Dojo´s example

Thanks to Class Dojo the teacher has a behavioral register – global and personalized- of every student,with an specific date or a range of dates, by trimesters or by whole school years to examine the evolution of the students. But probably the most interesting detail is that these reports can be forward to the parents, so they have access their kid´s profile and be aware of the progress made.

Another advantage is that Class Dojo aside from the desktop version, has for teachers, students and parents apps for Android and iOS.

This is not a brand new idea, although the achievable digital implementation for all teachers is. Class Dojo uses Token Economy, which are tokens – in Class Dojo´s case as point accumulation – to modify the student’s behavior, and conduct it towards social acceptant standards. In many cases this technique is reinforced by giving the child a price for the tokens accumulated.

So in summary, Class Dojo is a very useful tool to learn while playing or by gamificating the classes. It is a way to make school attendance more appealing and to motivate the children in their learning process. Despite everything, we remind you there are many more tools available in the market, and even more of them are being developed. Do you know of any new tools? Would you like to introduce them to us, or that we learnt about them? Contact us through social network or email, or leave a comment!

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