Sami Apps: Shall we learn by playing?

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A child’s awakening to the world around him is probably one of the most beautiful things there is. During the first year of their lives children go from babies hardly conscious of the outside world to little curious people eager to learn new things every day. In this context it is the task of parents and educators to offer children stimuli so that they can learn and develop all the cognitive capacities they will need later in life.

In order to provide children through age 6 all those stimuli there comes Smart Apps for My Infant (Sami Apps), a new educational app for children with a wide and colorful selection of games so that children can learn while playing in the company of their parents.

The idea for Sami Apps arose when a multilingual and multidisciplinary team made up of educators, programmers, designers and marketing specialists identified a gap to be filled in the world of apps for little kids. From Barcelona, and supported by the international investment group Leverage IQ Group, this team launched Sami Apps, a project designed to promote early childhood learning, but also a platform on which parents could find several utilities for their children’s education.

One of the strong points of Sami Apps is that it is, in addition, a multilingual application. All the games and activities are in several languages since, according to Mar Domènech, with the Sami Apps team: “The advantages of educating children in more than one language are evident. Multilingual education improves their capacity to solve problems, develops their auditory perception, and enhances their verbal abilities. Learning foreign languages from childhood, according to recent pedagogical research, literally changes the way they see the world, creating more flexible and analytical minds.” The languages currently available are Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, and work is underway to incorporate Chinese and Arabic.

By playing with Sami Apps children will be able to adapt to different systems for the representation of the world, improving their concentration capacities and broadening their perspectives.

What does Sami Apps consist of?

Sami Apps: Shall we learn by playing?

Image | Sami Apps

Sami Apps incorporates several different features: apps, flashcards, stories and utilities for parents:

  • Apps
    Drawing lines, quantities and puzzles are the apps (games) included in this section of Sami Apps. Each game is structured with 3 levels of difficulty, adapted to the child’s different stages and rates of growth. As the child gradually masters the games he collects “owl medals” that he can print out and color. Mathematics, writing, emotions, music, memorization… are some of the upcoming activities that will be progressively added to the application.

  • Flashcards
    Flashcards are virtual cards shown to children, in line with the philosophy of the “Bits of Intelligence” learning program. They can be used at any age, and to work on any type of content: colors, numbers, foods, animals… With audio in different languages, featuring recordings by native speakers, flashcards are ideal for the learning of foreign languages. Children who use flashcards will develop superior memorization capacities as compared to those who do not.

  • Stories
    Traditional stories have a beginning and an end, and are always the same. Sami Apps digital stories, in contrast, offer infinite possibilities, as the application features an algorithm through which the story changes every time it is opened. And what better than a never-ending story to rouse a child’s imagination?

Sami Apps’ utilities for parents include Sleep Baby Owl, a resource designed to help children sleep, lulling them through the use of sounds, lullabies, or the voices of their own parents.

More than 5,000 children around the world are enjoying Sami Apps, an application launched in the middle of October 2014. Smart Apps for My Infant: let Sami’s owls form part of your little one’s early childhood.