One of the key figures on the first day of 4YFN has been Renaud Visage, co-founder and CTO of Eventbrite, one of the major global platforms for event planning.

In his talk, Visage has shared his views on the impact of mobile technologies over the realm of event planning and how platforms like Eventbrite enable organizers and users to integrate both worlds: mobility and conferences or events.

“We have ever more types of different events on the platform,” said Visage, while reviewing types of conferences ranging from traditional tech ones to others from the world of gaming and eSports. “This is a challenge to us because we want to use the same tools for all types of events but each event has specific things to be adjusted to its requirements.”

The figures are in favor of Eventbrite’s vision and its team — $1.5  billion in gross revenue over 2014, making it one of the major online ticket brokering companies worldwide.

Eventbrite’s mobile unit was set up to complete a specific task that event organizers face: control user access to the venues and shows. In order to facilitate the entry and exit, the company developed a reader for QR and bar codes, thus replacing conventional and expensive systems of traditional companies.

eventbrite 4yfn

After the launch of the reader device, specific apps for users and event organizers and even a system enabling on-the-spot ticket sales for upcoming events followed suit.

“Happy though we may be with our current situation,” Visage said, “we believe we still have a long way to go.”

Eventbrite’s co-founder pointed out two major trends:

  • Helping users discover new interesting events, depending on their tastes or social media activity.
  • Helping organizers create new ‘mobile’ experience on such events.

“The latter, however, largely depends on the organizers themselves,” he said, referring to connectivity problems at large gatherings, current VIP experience systems and, in general, the ability to provide users with interactive elements that will lure them even closer to the events they enjoy.

What if Visage had to wager on what’s in the near future? “Paper Tickets and even QR codes will disappear,” he claims. “Users will simply be entering halls and areas through a door. They will be able to communicate with each other thanks to P2P systems and the Internet of Things will be doing all the rest to connect everything else during an event.”