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With our hectic daily routines we are prone to forgetting things when leaving home: our watches, sunglasses, rings, keys… However, it seems that nothing is as calamitous as leaving one’s mobile behind. This device has become such an essential part of our day-to-day lives that the mere prospect of spending a few hours without it spurs us to retrace our steps in an effort to find it.

Piti Español and Albert Guinovart, well aware of this situation, have created a show dedicated to all those who cannot go without their mobiles. The show, Mobília, is a one-hour concert illustrating the importance the mobile has acquired in our interpersonal communications. Two actors/singers, accompanied by the Coral Cantiga and the Orquestra de Cambra de Terrassa 48, will stage situations “starring” mobile phones: declarations of love, the obsession with discovering new applications, the mobile as a tool to take pictures and shoot videos, the lack of privacy they entail, the device’s role as a bearer of good and bad news… Examples of moments that, in one way or another, every user of mobile technology can relate to.


Imatge | Mobília

Mobília has been described as fun and dynamic, but also touching and moving, and will prompt audiences to reflect on the role of mobile technologies in their lives while they participate in the show. To this end, singers, members of the chorus and musicians will descend from the stage to interact with the audience, in an effort to experiment with staging techniques not often found in musical performances.

In short, a show as innovative as the technology it spotlights, scheduled for Wednesday, 4 March at the Palau de la Música, as part of the GSMA Mobile World Congress. It will be subtitled in English.

La vita è mobile!