Today technology forms part of virtually every service that a citizen might need: buying online, checking the weather or finding out how many minutes until a bus arrives via smartphone are actions that more and more people are now used to performing. In a society in which ICTs feature a high penetration rate, it is easy for those who struggle with these mobile tools to be quickly left behind.

To facilitate learning and the exchange of technological knowledge, in November of 2014 Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Telefónica backed the MWCentre School, a space within the Plaça Catalunya building created to conduct free training activities apt for all segments of the population.

During its first year more than 3,500 people of all ages and levels have taken the 420 courses offered by the MWCentre School: children, students, the middle-aged and seniors – but also professionals at small firms – who wanted to get started in technology or expand their knowledge of it.

The MWCentre School’s courses have been classed into three specific types:

  • Get informed courses: Informative speeches and talks on trends and recent developments.
  • Learn about it courses: Themed workshops on devices, operating systems and specific applications, with Q&A and discussion sessions.
  • Practice courses: Sessions to practice the use of devices and applications, led by an expert in the field.


Children, for example, have gotten started in programming and robotics. Young people have learned how to build and manage their personal digital brand, parents have discovered the advantages and dangers of the Internet, seniors have been able to incorporate technology into their daily lives, and professionals have received training to grow their businesses. In short, it represents a comprehensive programme designed to stimulate people’s curiosity and help them to grow both personally and professionally.

The next challenge: Entrepreneurs School

Coinciding with the anniversary of the MWCentre School, on Nov. 18 Mobile World Capital and Telefónica renew their partnership to launch the Entrepreneurs School, an initiative to promote and support the development of new business ideas.

The Entrepreneurs School’s training activities are aimed at all those entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have an idea, want to launch a new project, or wish to expand the scope of their businesses. The courses will be held every Wednesday, are free, and – as in the case of the MWCentre School – will feature different formats, including workshops, conferences and training sessions. The activities will focus on different topics, ranging from the development of a business idea to the detection of market opportunities and the drafting of a business plan. There will also be sessions designed to share information about new trends or legislative reforms.


Up to 20 entrepreneurs may participate in each course, to be selected based on their interests, ability to make a commitment to meeting the programme’s requirements, and the applicants’ creative and entrepreneurial potential, the Entrepreneurs School thereby ensuring that everybody makes the very most of the courses offered.

Through these training initiatives Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Telefónica help to spread technological knowledge among citizens, in this way revitalising the business community and making it easier for anyone to enhance their quality of life.