mSchools, a programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, comprises a series of events and activities across all four days of Mobile World Congress 2017 focused on the empowerment of new generations and education professionals in the use of digital technologies.

New this year, mSchools will participate in YoMo Barcelona, the first Youth Mobile Festival that focuses on STEAM ─science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. 20,000 students from Catalunya will gather first-hand knowledge on the opportunities that careers in science and technology offer.

YoMo Barcelona will host education exhibits, talks, interactive workshops and hands-on activities aimed both at students and professionals. mSchools, located within the educational resources area, consists of two zones: the mSchools Classroom and the Experience Zone.

The mSchools Classroom area, led by outstanding institutions ─European Schoolnet, UNESCO─ and research centres  ─Crecim, Science on Stage-, offers education professionals information sessions on innovative teaching.

The Experience Zone, a dynamic space dedicated to exhibitions and interactive, hands-on workshops, showcase visitors mSchools’ initiatives, such as App Education, Mobile History Map, Toolbox or Edu_Hack. Teachers from Catalunya will present classroom experiences based on digital tools and new technology. 

mSchools at YoMo is an excellent occasion for teachers to discover the digital tools needed for today’s connected world. Teachers and students will explore exciting and rewarding career opportunities that are available in the mobile and STEAM ecosystem.

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