Mobile World Capital Barcelona presented its new report “Opportunity of the Digital Economy in Spain. How digitalisation can accelerate the spanish economy” within the framework of the 31st Digital Economy and Telecommunications Summit hosted in Santander from 4th – 6th September, 2017. The report, made by Mobile World Capital Barcelona together with Accenture, analyses the stages of digital transformation in Spain and its enhancing opportunities. The Strategy Director of MWCapital, Jordí Arrufí, moderated a presentation with Alberto Zamora, Managing Director of Accenture Spain, Portugal and Israel,and Ignasi Salvador, Innovation Director de Celsa Group, as speakers.

The report is based on the analysis of three main leverages of digital transformation (digital talent, technology and accelerators) that puts Spain behind world leaders such as the United States and UK, and spanish european partners. The reason being is the need for digital talent, the lack of digital strategy and investment in technology, that determined regulation and financial limited access. This shows that there is an opportunity of growth and enhancement as well as all those aspects that economy transformation process has to focus on to accelerate.

Spain has the chance of increasing its GDP by 48.5 billion dollars, an additional 3.6%, for 2021, if its digitalisation is accelerated. The process depends on the fiscal policies taken with the objective of adapting the regulation to hack barriers of access to the technology, increasing data security and protection, adapting infrastructures and syllabus of formative centers as well as fostering and driving the creation of innovation centers.

Establishing an ambitious large scale digital strategy is the first step to bolstering economic growth in Spain. Professional requalification, new business models and fostering talent lead empowerment means changing leverages of technological resources investing in infrastructures, display of 5G technologies and ways of collaboration among startups, SMEs and corporations.

To access the executive summary of the report, click here.