Last Tuesday, November 21, Mobile World Capital Barcelona held a new edition of Mobile Talks on managing digital talent and the ability of organizations to identify, attract and retain human capital prepared to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

The event called “How to attract digital talent?” counted with the following panel of experts: Christopher Dottie, Managing Director of Hays Spain; Francisco Martínez, Director of the talent accelerator Celera; Xavier Escales, Country Manager of ASICS Spain and Portugal; Sylvia Pascaline, Global Talent Acquisiton Sr. Specialist at Almirall; and Manuel Ángel Méndez, Managing Editor of Teknautas – El Confidencial, in charge of leading the session as moderator.

Carles Grau, new Managing Director of MWCapital, welcomed the session with a speech during which he emphasized the value of the Mobile Talks initiative as a space for organizations to gather in and exchange knowledge. One of the goals of the initiative is to help understand what impacts digital trends have on strategic sectors of society, and what is the role of emerging technologies in organizations.

During the session, Manuel Ángel Méndez, moderator and Managing Editor of Teknautas – El Confidencial, underscored the value of digital talent as the main driving force behind the current transformation process experienced by companies and different economic sectors.

The event delved into some of the most relevant questions about digital talent, such as, for instance, the definition of new digital tools for recruiting talent, the mechanisms to attract and retain talent, the promotion of a digital culture, and, lastly, digital competences in the 21st century. Christopher Dottie, from the perspective of a recruitment consultancy, highlighted the new business ecosystem’s main competences present in talent attracting processes: extensive technological knowledge, flexibility and product development.

Xavier Escales, on the other hand, shared the three keys for promoting a solid digital culture within a corporation: communicating clearly and transparently who we are, creating a positive work environment that encourages happiness and productivity, and for each individual to focus on an objective and lead it until achieving it. During the session the speakers reflected on the importance of creating collaborative and creative spaces within companies that favor innovation and talent retention. “Listening to people and presenting them with motivating and interesting projects that have a clear purpose is a way to retain talent,” affirmed Sylvia Pascaline.

Regarding new techniques for attracting talent, Almirall is boosting digital solutions to transform recruitment. For example, one of the company’s current programs is based on looking for and contacting profiles of interest in order to connect with and blend into the ecosystem and respond to one of the company’s needs.

Another subject of debate was the role of educational institutions in developing digital competences that respond to the market’s latest demands. Regarding this aspect, Francisco Martínez de Celera highlighted the need to promote an education aimed at boosting the digital competences of the digital and business ecosystem. In fact, during the session the experts pointed out how today, because of the lack of specific training, the “learning by doing” method has become a key aspect to helping develop abilities.

Lastly, the meeting invited the speakers to reflect on the ability of new companies to integrate different profiles that favor the development of new projects. During the debate, the experts agreed that success lies in knowing how to integrate millennials with traditional profiles who provide leadership and strategic vision.

The session ended with the moderator encouraging the public to participate by integrating a mobile phone app into the debate. The public was asked three questions via the app to learn about their views on digital talent and the recruitment strategies of companies and start-ups. The results were then debated with the experts. After that, an interesting question-and-answer session took place. The highly participatory attendees shared with the speakers their opinions on the issues discussed during the session.