Jun 28, 2021 - Jul 1, 2021
09:00H - 17:00H
MWC Barcelona, organized by the GSMA, is recognized as the essential event for the mobile industry.

Held annually, MWC Barcelona attracts executives from the world's largest and most influential mobile operators, software companies, equipment providers, companies and Internet organizations in many vertical industry sectors, as well as government delegations from around the world.

This year the event will take place between June 28 and July 1, 2021
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Session language: English/Spanish
• Ajuntament de Barcelona: Marta Continente, Manager of Innovation and Digital Transition
• Masmóvil: José Jiménez, Head of Innovation & Strategic Tech Programs
• Cellnex: Ana Varela, Project Leader 5G Cataluña
• Moderador: Eduard Martín
Session language: Spanish
- Santiago Soley, CEO at Pildo Labs
- Jorge Chornique, UMT strategy at Airbus
- Carmen González , Corporate HR Business Partner en SUEZ
- Santi Vilardaga, Research Engineer at Pildo Labs
Digital Future Society is organizing a top-notch hybrid event that will take place within the MWC Barcelona 2021, in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA), from the Government of Spain. The event aims to present possible courses of action to solve the great challenges that have arisen this digital emergency from a humanist perspective. The current global crisis –involving health, societal and economic matters- has raised profound lines of questioning on the future of humanity in the digital era. Technology is driving disruptions, and public and private actors need to understand the meaning and consequences of these changes, and build effective dialogues to set new rules, frameworks, and aspirations to secure that technology works for people. These actions and priorities need to rely on an accurate understanding on the implications of the digital era for the future of humanity. The event gathers key stakeholders from public administration, private sector, top-leading thinkers and activists, as the best way to work together on building a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive digital agenda.
Keynote Stage - Hall 3 - MWC21 - Fira Barcelona Gran Vía.
Session language: Spanish
In this session, companies such as Accenture, Adevinta and Ocado Technology, will discuss how they are using Java in current projects, why it is still relevant, the different trends and link with the labor market as well as their vision for future developments. Will Java still be a relevant technology?

You will have the opportunity of hearing to Benjamín Rodríguez (Advanced App Engineering Sr Manager at Accenture), Eduard Capell (Engineering Tech Lead at Ocado Technology) and Javier León (Engineer Tech Lead para InfoJobs at Adevinta España)
Stand MWCapital at MWC Hall3 3L60
Session language: Spanish
This session is part of a series of events that take place throughout the year for partner companies and companies close to Barcelona Digital Talent. We invite experts in the fields of digital talent to talk about relevant topics and to encourage the exchange of opinions and ideas between the participants.

On this occasion, we will share a summary of the Barcelona Digital Talent activities carried out to date and some of the partner companies such as SEAT:CODE will tell us about interesting projects focused on their internal talent transformation. The second part of the session will be open to questions from the audience followed by networking time.

You will have the opportunity of hearing to Jordi Arrufí (Director of the Digital Talent Programme at Mobile World Capital Barcelona) and Sergi Vila (Chief Operations Officer at SEAT:CODE)
Stand MWCapital at MWC Hall3 3L60
Session language: English
This event will introduce the 5GMED project through a debate that will focus on the 5G technologies and the future CCAM and FRMCS services. Moderator: Monique Calisti (Martel) Speakers: Christian Micas - (EU Commission); Raül Gonzalez Prats (Cellnex); Pierre Yves Petton (SNCF); Xavier Daura (AAE); Oyunchimeg Shagdar (Vedecom); Tomeu Sabater (Mobile World Capital).
5G Med (hybrid session)
Session language: English
Bàrbara Pons, Advisor to the Vice-Mayor at Barcelona City Council Xavier Mayo, Head of International City Promotion, Barcelona City Council
Sr. Eduard Martín, CIO and 5G director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona - Sra. Begonya Nafria, patient Engagement in Research Coordinator del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu - 2 representatives of KIDS EXPERTS - 2 epresentatives of Squishy - 2 epresentatives of Boost Board
Sr. Carlos Grau, CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona - Sr. Antoni Encinas, General Director at Sistema d'Emergències Mèdiques (SEM) - Dra. Georgia Sarquella, pediatric cardiologist of the HSJD arrhythmia unit - Hble. Sr. Jordi Puigneró, Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia
Session language: Spanish
Bienvenida: - Cristina Garmendia - President of Foundation Cotec - Carlos Grau - CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona 1r Bloque: Presentación del Informe “Competencias digitales y colectivos en riesgo de exclusión en España. Determinantes en el contexto de la COVID-19 - Aleix Pons - Director of Economy at Fundación Cotec - Joaquín Maudos - Expert of the 100 of Cotec. Deputy Director of IVIE - Laura Fernández - IVIE Research Technician 2o Bloque: Diálogo sobre las conclusiones del Informe - Jordi Arrufí - Director of Digital Talent at Mobile World Capital Barcelona - Ainara Zubillaga - Education Director at Fundación Cotec - Jordi Aguasca - Director of Technological Transformation and Disruption at Acció
Moderator: Oscar Sala, Director The Collider Speaker: Teresa Tarragó, CEO Exheus
Mikko Uusitalo - Managing Director at Edzcom Valenti Roca - Board Member at Edzcom Hea of Mission Critical & Private Networks Business Line at Cellnex Telecom
Session language: Spanish
BCN Inclusive Coding is a project promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​Creu Roja Catalunya and training centers such as MigraCode Barcelona, ​​Factoria F5 and Fundación Esplai that promote formation and support in digital skills of this new digital talent pool.

In this session, we will talk with the training centers and later with Bayer, Basetis, C-Tecno - committed companies - that have decided to join the project with the aim of promoting the integration of social talent in the market.

You will have the opportunity of hearing to Jordi Arrufí (Director of the Digital Talent Programme at Mobile World Capital Barcelona), Carmen Salcedo (Vicepresident at Factoria F5), Enric Morist (Coordinator of Creu Roja en Catalunya) and Rosalba Llorens (RSC Programmes Manager of Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya).
Stand MWCapital at MWC Hall3 3L60
1. Covid 19 Impact on consumer Behaviour
2. Round table: The power of the Data and new business opportunities in the retail industry
17:30 – Welcome Speech. Mr. Juan Baselga -Director, Marketing Communications and Public Relations, Mobile World Capital Barcelona. 17:35 – 18:00. Covid 19 Impact on consumer Behaviour: Prof. Nueno Chairman at IESE Intent HQ 18:00 – 18:30. Round table: The power of the Data and new business opportunities in the retail industry: Prof. Nueno (IESE), Phil Doughty (IHQ), José Antonio Serrano (Orange), Joaquín Vázquez (Glovo)
Deborah Pastrana, Responsable de Contenido de FYCMA
Eduard Martin, CIO and 5G director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona Josep Paradells, Director of the i2Cat foundation Marc Serra, Director of Venue Services & Infrastructure at Fira Barcelona Josuè Sallent, Director of Fundació TIC Salut Social
- Sr. Eduard Martín, CIO and 5G director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona - Sr. Pablo Vilanova, Strategy and innovation Director at Mercabarna - Sr. Carlos Crespo, Manager of the Robotics and AI Skill Center at ACCIONA - Sr. Víctor Vera, territorial Director Catalonia of Large Companies of Orange - Sr. David Ferrer, Secretary of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Moderadora - Cristina Colom, Digital Future Society Ponentes Antoni Gutiérrez, Ideograma Silvia Royo, Espacio Fundación Telefónica Mabel Palacín, Artista visual Jesús Herrero, SEDIA Laia Bonet (PTE confirmación), Ajuntament de Barcelona
Moderator: Oscar Sala, Director The Collider
Speakers: Santi Aliaga, CEO Zirculary Food
José Luis Cabañero, CEO, Eatable Adventures
Introducción: Ajuntament BCN - Chief Technology Officer - (Michael Donaldson) DataCity Lab - Programme Director - (Judith Libchaber) Mesa redonda: Ajuntament BCN - Director of Social Innovation of Social Rights (Lluís Torrens) Ajuntament BCN -Project manager of the Municipal Data Office (Pau Balcells) ACCIONA - Smart City Skills Center Manager - (Elena Navarro) IMPACT-E - Joan Didac Viana
1. Presentació AWE – Academy for Women Entrepreneurs
2. Taula: Reptes i oportunitats per la nova generació d’innovadores
3. El finançament com a palanca de creixement
Online participation
Chris Gehlen Co-founder & CEO
• Eduard Martín Lineros 5G Program Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona • Sebastian E. Slelatt Dir. Global SMB Prosegur • Jose Daniel García Espinel Dir. Innovación PGA
Welcome Oscar Sala, Director of The Collider and Presedent of QWA Jordi Ortiz, President of sinergia Juanjo Giménez, Ceo Opentrends & The Carrot Cake B2B Venture Builder Moderator: Alfonso Rubio, President of barcelonaqbit-bqb "Quantum Cybersecurity" Ramsés Gallego, Managing Partner of Entanglement Partners "Qunatum Computing and Enterprise Cybersecurity" Jaime Gómez, Head of Architecture at Crypto & Blockchain CoE in Banco Santander "Quantum Technologies" Luis Pastor, Consulting Director of Grant Thornton "From Cybersecurity to Quantum Cybersecurity" Carlos Valderrama, CTO CyberNforce "SDK Post Quantum" Juan Caubet, Cybersecurity Director of Eurecat Carlos Puga, CTO Opentrends Closing Josep. M. Vilà, President of Entanglement Partners & CyberNforce
14:00h WELCOME Mrs. Francina Alsina, President of the Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya. Mr. Carlos Grau, CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation. Mrs. Laura Pérez, Social Action Commissioner of the Barcelona City Council. Mrs. Violant Cervera, Minister of Social Rights of the Government of Catalonia. 14:25h PITCH (Online) David McNeill, Director of Digital at SCVO. 14:55h PRESENTATION: DIGITALIZATION IN THE THIRD SECTOR Mrs. Anna Albareda, Manager at Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya. PROJECTS DEVELOPED BY SOCIAL ORGANISATIONS 15:15h DIGITALIZACIONG Fundesplai i Fundación Esplai Ciudadanía Comprometida. 15:30h TRIPAPP Associació Benestar i Desenvolupament (ABD). 15:45h PSYCHOSOCIAL ACCOMPANIMENT THROUGH THE DISTANCE (SUARA A CASA) Suara Cooperativa 16:00h APP CUIDEM AMPOSTA CET Terres de l’Ebre
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