Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative that promotes the digital development of society and helps improve people’s lives globally by building a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future through the humanistic use of technology.

With the support of the public and private sector, MWCapital focuses on four areas: the acceleration of innovation through digital entrepreneurship, the transformation of industries through digital technology, the rise of digital talent among new generations and professionals, and the reflection on the impact of technology in our society.

Collectively, our programmes are positively transforming the economy, education and society.

MWCapital hosts MWC in Barcelona and founded 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the startup business platform, present at MWC events around the world.


We believe in a humianist use of technology for…

Building a more inclusive future

Working for a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive world and acting to face the digital emergency.

Promote a sustainable digital transition

Promoting the training and talent of citizens so that the digital transformation leaves no one behind.

Generate innovative alliances

Fostering alliances that transform the economy, and bring technology and innovation closer to society, institutions and companies.

Promote the territory and global projection

Promoting social and economic progress throughout the national territory, through the transfer of knowledge, technology, innovation, training and dissemination, with an international vocation

Create a unique model of cooperation

Creating large-scale public and private agreements to face the global challenges of digital disruption through cooperation.

Anticipate the future

Working to build the future of the Internet and technological progress, positioning Barcelona as the laboratory for advanced telecommunications in southern Europe.



We connect scientific and entrepreneurial talent to create disruptive technology-based startups that address society’s and industry’s challenges.

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We help driving the digital transformation of society and the business community, exposing services and productive sectors to the latest digital solutions.

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We foster the empowerment of new generations and citizens to assure that the digital transformation process doesn’t leave anyone behind.


We drive social progress in the digital economy by shaping the impact of technology on society through citizen empowerment

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Impact & legacy

A business platform that allowed startups, corporations and public institutions to jointly discover, create and launch new initiatives.

Experiences aimed at professionals from key sectors, with the aim of improving their digital skills and helping companies understand digital transformation.

Program aimed at responding to global social challenges by identifying digital transformation solutions and projects through public-private partnerships.

MWC startup platform that connects startups, investors, companies and institutions to foster the development, discovery and launch of technological start-ups. Founded by MWCapital, 4YFN is one of the most influential startup gatherings in the world with events in Barcelona, ​​Shanghai and LA.

mSchools helps students and teachers to integrate digital technologies in the classroom, which allows offering new ways of teaching and learning, improving academic results and employability. In 2019, the program was recognized by UNESCO as a world benchmark in mobile learning.

Our legacy in numbers


An open portal for the publication of the information required by Spanish legislation regarding to transparency, access to information, and good governance. Here you can find all the Foundation’s information related to the institution, its legal framework, as well as the economic and administrative reports and data.


In partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Business Support of Spain, the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, Fira de Barcelona and GSMA, the Mobile World Capital also counts with the support of private partners that contribute to the development of the mobile and digital ecosystem in Barcelona

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