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Digital Future Society Director

Job Purpose

At Barcelona Mobile World Capital, we are looking for a Senior Event Manager to join our Digital Future Society programme team in order to organize the Digital Future Society FORUM event.

Digital Future Society (DFS) is a program supported by the Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona that connects experts, policy makers, civic organizations and businessmen with the mission of understanding and getting involved with the challenges and opportunities legal and ethical digital transformation.

The DFS mandate is rooted in the idea that a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital age must be jointly created by citizens.

To this goal, Digital Future Society will direct the scope and framework for an updated social contract: a new set of human rights for the digital era in four key areas: public innovation, trust and digital security, inclusion and citizen empowerment and equitable growth.

We carry it out through our Think Tank, a global initiative focused on commissioning research that creates new knowledge about the challenges that arise from the design, use and governance of digital technologies. We have a Laboratory, an information exchange center that identifies marketable solutions to create prototypes and overcome social challenges, and finally we have Events and Spaces to share knowledge, experiences and tools that inspire citizens to face the current challenges.

We are looking for a professional passionate about digital technologies and their social impact. Senior in organizing relevant events, ambitious, able to work autonomously in relation to different stakeholders and feel comfortable developing diplomatically in different environments.

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Event management: it will help in the integral management of Digital Future Society Global Fourm, working in the different functional areas to achieve the financial, relational and operational objectives of the event. This includes leading periodic project meetings, creating different strategic and operational working groups and coordinating key programs within the event.
  • Commercial negotiation: will negotiate contracts and manage the main suppliers from the development of specifications, the bidding process and the selection of suppliers, the preparation of service level agreements (SLA) and contracts until the final implementation of the service agreed in the site.
  • Financial support: will manage the event budget by working closely with the program director, including monitoring the monthly forecast reports (working with your financial business partner) and a monthly report on the status of the different projects / programs. It is also expected to identify creative business solutions to grow the event.
  • Content development: it will be responsible for identifying new content opportunities with individuals, companies and public institutions in Barcelona in order to generate additional content and strengthen local relations.
  • Inter-program operations: you will work closely with our internal teams, Think Tank, Civic Lab, Citizens, Marketing and Communication, etc., to facilitate efficient and effective operations. It will coordinate with the Fira de Barcelona team (with direct reports from its team and a co-management figure from Fira) and facilitate effective collaboration between the entities.

What we look for in MWCapital

  • University degree in ADE, Public Relations, Advertising, Event Management or similar.
  • High level of English: excellent oral, written and editing skills.
  • Experience in institutional events, whether in a company or agency of first level events. Exceptional and demonstrated understanding of all facets of institutional events on a global scale.
  • Experience in project development and in generating partnerships at the highest levels. Creation of networks and relationships ideally with public institutions.
  • Ability to lead by example of good practices, collaboration and operability.
  • Solid experience in the remote management of teams collaboratively.
  • Strong management skills and influence leadership.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Someone proactive, flexible and organized, with energy to learn in a dynamic environment capable of working as part of an international team and autonomously when necessary.
  • Capacity and experience in teamwork.
  • Commitment to the work environment based on mission and values.
  • Management of multiple projects and deadlines and must have organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Availability to travel occasionally.

What about our people?

The DNA of our people is unique.

We are a team of young, result-oriented people who love technology and entrepreneurship.

Age is not a qualifier factor for sharing your passion. We all have diverse backgrounds of expertise and we enjoy working together as a single multi-disciplinary team, learning on a daily basis from our colleagues. We really don’t mind getting down to work on operational tasks to those which require a full strategy circle.

This is a unique opportunity and we are waiting for you!

MWCapital Package

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is able to provide appropriately motivated candidates with a competitive salary along with a world-class work environment, access to all key decision makers in one of the largest and most progressive industries, and content to maintain a mind curious engaged.

Method of Assessment

  • Interviews with Talent & People
  • Interview with the Program Director
  • Interview with the CEO

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