Digital Future Society (DFS) is a program supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona that connects experts, policy makers, civic organizations and businesses with the mission of understanding and getting involved with the ethical and social challenges of the digital transformation. 

The DFS mandate is rooted in the idea of transforming global reflection into collaborative action with a range of global and regional actors from both the public and private sector, ​​reaching agreements to promote a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital age. DFS aspires at becoming a key actor of the digital transformation ecosystem that brings together policy makers, academic experts, officials of international and regional organizations, think tanks, development banks, corporations and civil society to its activities, research reports and Annual Global Summit. 

To this end, DFS will influence the scope and framework of the digital agenda with impact in four key areas: public innovation, trust and digital security, inclusion and citizen empowerment and equitable growth. 

Our Think Tank commissions, curates and connects research and advocacy on the ethical and legal challenges emerging from tech design, usage and governanceOur Civic Lab validates and transforms Think Tank recommendations into solutions – developing and testing tools and solutions that address the identified challenges in a real and local environment. Finally, we organise an Annual Global Summit that aims at becoming the annual reference event that brings together key global players of the social digital agenda promoting action-oriented discussions to the most pressing ethical issues and challenges of digital transformation. 

Reports to:
Think Tank Director

Professional Proposal

Under the supervision of the Director of the Digital Future Society Programme, the candidate should lead the external relations of the programme interacting actively with a wide range of public and private organizations worldwide with the aim of promoting the DFS agenda and the Annual Global Summit. 

We want to incorporate into our project a person with extensive experience in diplomacy, international relations and institutional representation with strong leadership skills and ability to represent the organization in high level meetings.

The Global Engagement Lead will execute the engagement strategy reinforcing the existing collaboration with international organizations (different agencies of the UN family; the EU; the OECD); private sector (WEF and corporations), development banks (BID, CAF), regional organizations from all continents and foundations. The candidate should promote a two-way active collaboration in commissions and working groups with the aim of reaching global agreements on the objectives of the Digital Future Society. 

Someone accustomed to communication, coordination and dissemination of activities, with experience in coordination and execution of international programs and strong negotiation skills. Experience in diplomatic functions in international organizations will be valued. 



Main responsibilities:

  • Lead the external relations of the programme under thesupervision of the Digital Future Society Director. 
  • Manage the relations with key international organizations,leaders and experts during the preparation of the Digital Future Society Global Summit, in close coordination with the DFS Director and Event Manager. 
  • Execute the external relations strategy in the shortterm and define thelong-term strategy.  
  • Regular coordinationand follow up of international actions with strategic partners of the program. 
  • Identification of opinion leaders and international organizationswhowork in the same areas as the program strategy in close coordination with the Director of the Programme, Think Tank, Lab and Event Managers. 
  • Position the DFS as an international reference programmeworldwide, looking for opportunities of DFS participation in third party events. 
  • Participate actively in commissions in international entities and negotiate and secure agreements, resources and a win-win relationship framework.
  • Create the connections and the network of national and international contacts that contribute to the DFS in its scalability.
  • Create bridges between the different activities of the program and the different international organizations.
  • Coordinate themeetings and of and the relationships with the Global Board of Trustees, under the supervision of the Programme Director.

What we look for in MWCapital:

The ideal profile to lead this project is someone authentic, who anticipates, makes it easy, shares and exceeds expectations with a series of knowledge and associated skills such as: 

    • University Degree (in disciplines such as Law, Political Science, Economics, etc.).
    • Master or postgraduate with experience in international relations.
    • Experience in international organizations such as the United Nations, EuropeanCommission, World Economic Forum or similar. 
    • Experience in protocol, diplomatic functions.
    • Experience in the coordination and execution of programs.
    • Experience in creating a wide network of contacts and partners with different rank of hierarchy in international government agencies.
    • Leadership (sharing vision with the team).
    • Initiative.
    • Great communication capacity, adapted to different audiences, cultural contexts and sensibilities.
    • Networking capacity, valuing a network of contacts and circle of trust with international organizations collaborating in the program
    • Excellent public relations.
    • Meeting management.
    • Influence.
    • Knowledge of languages.
    • Negotiation techniques.

Evaluation method in MWCapital: 

  • Interviews with Talent & People Department
  • Interviews with theDirector of the DFS andCEO of MWCapital 

What we can offer you in MWCapital: 

Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital) is an initiative that drives the digital development of society and helps improve the lives of people globally.